VFX Secrets of Marvel Studios' WandaVision!
Lorraine Cink talks with Tara DeMarco, VFX Supervisor of Marvel Studios' WandaVision about the visual effects magic behind the series! Watch all episode now streaming exclusively on Disney+!
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  • WhatDoesRigzPlay?

    The blue man group’s next member.

  • Ratna Jha
    Ratna Jha

    I want to see Wanda vision in Hindi Please do dubbing as fast as possible

  • Frost's animation's
    Frost's animation's


  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez

    Great interviewer

  • Choco Dam
    Choco Dam

    Corridol Digital need to see this..

  • jjust james
    jjust james

    "hi Lorraine 😐"

  • Rina Kachari
    Rina Kachari

    Who's the popsicle?

  • Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico
    Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico

    oh god blue vision is highly cursed

  • Helix Vfx
    Helix Vfx

    This was an incredible show with even more incredible vfx! Great job guys!!!!

  • Yohini

    Butterflys/Moths make every scene realistic

  • Suriadi JOHANSJAH
    Suriadi JOHANSJAH

    I thought that the mind stone for white vision was actually the energy source of the arc reactor from iron man 2.

  • Varun Tyagi
    Varun Tyagi

    This was great. More such videos please.

  • DIABLO Gaming
    DIABLO Gaming

    Plz we want wandavision series in hindi. Huge big fan from INDIA 🇮🇳.

  • Nick

    Lmao they made Paul Bettany look like Arnie’s Mister Freeze

  • Doda Garcia
    Doda Garcia

    The amount of love put into this show is mindblowing

  • Kytetiger

    It's really interesting! could you please upload more of these kind of interviews and making of?

  • xavierxrc

    So neat, they even got Wanda's sister Monda to do the interview with the SFX supervisor.

  • Justin

    Tara joins Mark Kolpack in the Marvel pantheon of TV VFX directors. Their job is insane and they make it work so well. Getting models and designs from Marvel Studios must help, but making it look that good is so much work!

  • lockpickingmen

    How many times do they say the word puppeteers in the video?

  • decibelfilm

    "What were some of the ways that items were puppeteered?" "All of them!"

  • Evelyn Dalton
    Evelyn Dalton

    Paul looked like a smirf lol

  • Achilles Yap
    Achilles Yap

    Vision is now an avatar

  • Spike Gang
    Spike Gang

    So vision doesn’t have to do all the makeup and stuff anymore

  • Matt Wiley
    Matt Wiley

    Tara has the coolest job.

  • Rizen Tablada
    Rizen Tablada

    I have to admit, I'm having Wandavision withdrawal depression :(. Such a beautifully told story.

  • M3m3r420

    Didn’t Paul used to wear prosthetics on his face

  • Nathaniel Asis
    Nathaniel Asis

    Vision = 4th Blue Man Group Member

  • Tymon the Łajza
    Tymon the Łajza

    Thank you, guys.. It was an amazing experience. Both the series and this video:D

  • max adli
    max adli

    Watch my motivational videos about avengers

  • DG64

    Vision Without VFX Looks Like a Humanoid Smurf

  • Johnny Walters
    Johnny Walters

    The only reason I'm not watching this show is because it's for women.

  • ARS

    The VFX girl who is giving the interview looks very bored and have to sit there n give an interview just because she has to.....She doesn't look like she is having a good time & she's there just to keep her job.....

  • Mahesh babu& M.S Dhoni fallower
    Mahesh babu& M.S Dhoni fallower

    Plese realse telugu audio

  • dude

    the thumbnail.

  • Scarlet Ragneel
    Scarlet Ragneel

    AAH! Finally some footage of Blue Vision that we've been dying to see!!!

  • TheCarlScharnberg

    Lorraine looks like Miley Cyrus.

  • Nincadalop

    7:48 I'm sorry, I can't stop looking at the way the muscles and fat bounce. That is beyond incredible if that was animated. I don't even know if it's possible to mo-cap that kind of detail. I'm afraid to even ask the hours spent on that seconds-long shot alone.

  • 雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者
    雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者

    Thanks for the link Andrew.

  • Marcel Lasaj
    Marcel Lasaj

    it's honestly so cool the see that the VFX supervisor is a woman!

  • HamilGoth2002

    Modeling the CGI to make it look like it’s actually being controlled by a puppeteer that’s trying to make it look like it isn’t a puppet reminds me of “well in a real magic act everything is fake!”

  • B.E.Z

    You gotta paint it blue to turn it red

  • Thanmayi Manoj
    Thanmayi Manoj

    I get that Elisabeth Olsen truly deserves all awards for acting all emotional scenes looking at Paul's wierd face. But Paul also deserves respect for acting out all his scenes while wearing uncomfortable costume and prosthetic or makeup throughout the entire show! He was the person who performed as a voice with no body, a body but not human and then a memory made real! Who knows what he would play next😀!?

  • Michael W
    Michael W

    Kevin Feige: Hey Paul, good news! No more purple makeup Paul: FINALLY! I always hated being buried alive in that makeup- Kevin: Yes, its blue now! Paul: ... 😑

  • A U
    A U

    Nothing on Quicksilver scenes????

  • DoreDumble

    Therapist: Purple vision with ears isn't real, It can't hurt you. Purple vision with ears: 1:03

  • L'étranger

    Didn't know Vision used to be a member of the Blue Man Group

  • Grant Rose
    Grant Rose

    What a turkey!🍗

  • Tatiana Kauhane
    Tatiana Kauhane

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    Syper 911

    Blooper reel! Blooper reel! Blooper reel!

  • Danilo Jesus Avila Bernal
    Danilo Jesus Avila Bernal

    mephisto estuvo detras de los efectos visuales xD xD xD

  • Tabitha Howard
    Tabitha Howard

    I'd love to see more BTS of Agatha's transformation also as well as Monica's! :)

  • Merlyn Lear
    Merlyn Lear

    loved this show - but when are we going to see the clips from the 'missing episode'

  • ahaz


  • amit chakrawal
    amit chakrawal

    Please realise vanda vision series in hindi language.👏👏👏👏

  • Sophie Adam
    Sophie Adam

    The host Face is so plastic,trying to look like Millie. It was distracting from the conversation.

  • Hanson

    Funny how this video is longer than the segment in Assembled lmao no shade just appreciation that it's now being talked about.

  • K Robert Schlüter
    K Robert Schlüter

    WandaVision was so good.

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  • skullkid

    i feel bad for wanda having to look at blue dobby for two whole episodes

  • TechnicalFaisalIqbal

    For Ever. 👍👍

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    I feel the Guardian of Galaxy Holiday special film is very strange so my advice is that you have to replace it and make a new one namely a solo film for the superhero Luna Snow so that my support is granted with a like👍👍👍👍👍

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos

    Boa tarde, um bel entrevista, muito boa. Adorei o vídeo.

  • Richard Sláma
    Richard Sláma

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  • Gary Saini
    Gary Saini

    Plot twist: She's not real, only VFX.

  • epichaang

    why do I get Mary Jane vibes from Lorraine..

  • Prashant CA
    Prashant CA

    I don't know what it is action series or entertainment tv series? 🤔

  • 백죠

    Nice vfx

  • Misterio 399
    Misterio 399

    The show that ruined my life and made stop watching the MCU forevet

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻❣️

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    Rohith Potana

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  • Dhruv

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  • Mattia Bolzon
    Mattia Bolzon


  • FireJach

    They should have shown us not complete scenes. Talking about effects is not enough

  • DeZuijd

    Dear interviewers from Marvel, STOP looking straight into your webcam, it's unnatural and creepy! Thank you.

  • FireJach

    I hope Falcon and Bucky make me care them how Wanda and Vision did

  • CAT mo
    CAT mo


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    Aysel Özkan

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  • Thanmayi Manoj
    Thanmayi Manoj

    Elisabeth did all those emotional scenes looking at paul's weird makeup face!


    _How do u look at that and don't laugh._

  • ម៉ា កញ្ញារីយ៍
    ម៉ា កញ្ញារីយ៍

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    Sarthak Nikhal

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    Mahfouz Miftah

    Some of us don't understand most of this explanations. We are just delighted that we can see something about wandavision again.

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    Dino Killer

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  • Jessica Aarwin
    Jessica Aarwin


  • Dazzling Burritoes
    Dazzling Burritoes

    imagine acting serious when you're looking at a hideous *B L U E* face

  • Rayan Dk
    Rayan Dk

    His looks were way better than in age of ultron than this make up in this show..

  • Javeria Tariq
    Javeria Tariq

    They shouldn't have let out the secrets like this😅

  • J V
    J V

    The VFX team deserves more recognition! I really appreciate the hardwork they put into this beautiful and memorable series! I can’t wait to see more of Wanda’s magic effect element that they’re planning for future projects!

  • Aashish Mahajan
    Aashish Mahajan

    Marvel movies create is an universe in itself The movies always gave me goosebumps Rip Chadwick miss you

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    Sakshi More


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    Vignesh M

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    Prateek Kejriwal


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    Zernab Status

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  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    I want to see more Hex scenes cuz it feels so otherworldly

    • Trevor Wallace
      Trevor Wallace

      W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•6•4•6•5 •1 •3•5•6•2•1 I•n•v•e•s•tinC•r•y•p•t•o B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H..... .. ... ..