Top 10 | Avengers Women
Learn about some of Marvel's Strongest Avengers in this Top 10 Avengers Edition: Powerful Women
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  • Shreyas Khatavkar
    Shreyas Khatavkar

    Scarlet witch and captain marvel

  • Shehnaz Afrah
    Shehnaz Afrah

    Obviously black widow Natasha romanoff ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘 and she deserve number 1

  • Caramel Cake
    Caramel Cake

    They are all my favorite!!!

  • Indubala S Kumar
    Indubala S Kumar

    So happy to see that Black Widow edged Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel ❤️🔥🔥

  • MellbieVR

    I Love Rescue And Ghost Spider :3

  • Jamie Golec
    Jamie Golec


  • UglyDUCKY 22
    UglyDUCKY 22

    Black widow will always be number 1!

  • YK khaitan
    YK khaitan

    Natasha romanoff aka black widow is my favorite.

  • Zilch! Productions
    Zilch! Productions

    She Hulk was also underrated. I lived her as part of the Fantastic four... But she won’t be for long

  • anything about everything
    anything about everything

    The list should be 10 - hellcat 9- Jessica Jones 8- Monica rambeau 7- tagra 6- Spider-Woman 5- She-Hulk 4- Captain Marvel 3-scarlet witch 2-wasp Janet van dyne 1- black widow

  • Shawriya #vi4life K.
    Shawriya #vi4life K.

    Black widow and captain marvel are my fav avengers

  • blockbuster1982


  • Nupur

    I am happy that they put widow on top, she deserves that🖤

  • Grapehool

    When the video doesnt have America Chavez: P A I N

  • Sagar Satapathy
    Sagar Satapathy

    Mantis knows martial arts!!😮😮

  • mass movies pictures
    mass movies pictures


  • Azmeer Izham
    Azmeer Izham

    Nico Minoru n Black widow😍🖤 For xmen i love Rogue

  • Cam M
    Cam M

    wasp and scarlet witch should be 1 and 2 they were the first female avengers

  • Tyler_ Lalonde-
    Tyler_ Lalonde-

    Keep your diversity hires and stop wrecking the good female characters.

  • Janice Weng
    Janice Weng

    Feels like it’s gonna have to be a all women version of avengers somewhere in the future 🤩🤩

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns

      An A-Force film would be fun!

  • Commander Corn
    Commander Corn

    My favorites are Black Widow, Gamora and Mantis

  • Krish Bhargava
    Krish Bhargava

    After seeing wandavision ep 8 and 9 I don’t think Scarlet Witch deserves no 4 spot

  • Angello Freeman 4444
    Angello Freeman 4444

    Now the thing is to wait for a Top 10 of Avengers men

  • Φρύνη Παζιοδήμου
    Φρύνη Παζιοδήμου

    Black widow

  • 33.9FSwanandi Posam
    33.9FSwanandi Posam

    Black Widow🖤 and Scarlett Witch❤️ is my fav😘

  • Robert Cahill
    Robert Cahill

    This is a ridiculous list. It omits the Invisible Woman.


    Captain Marvel

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie

    I have huge crushes on Camela, Monica, Jennifer, Carol and Natasha. Especially on Jennifer 😸

  • Fantanic World
    Fantanic World

    She Hulk is best

  • Illjwamh

    Very sad not to see Spider-Woman in there, especially since I don't know who #10 even is.

  • Sister Sister
    Sister Sister

    Black widow is amazing

  • Lucky

    How is black widow #1?

  • Rubens Luiz
    Rubens Luiz

    now do a male version... oh wait.

  • Magdalena Alberto
    Magdalena Alberto

    Miss Marvel is my favorite superhero woman.

  • Tom P
    Tom P

    Am I tripping or did I not see gamora

  • Fahim Al Faisal
    Fahim Al Faisal

    1)Scarlett Johansson 2)Evangeline Lily 3)Brie Larson 4)Elizabeth Olsen 5)Tatiana Maslany 6)Teyonah Parris 7)Natalie Portman 8)Iman Vellani 9)Pom Klementieff 10)Gemma Chan

  • Sahna sana
    Sahna sana

    always BLACK WIDOW .......

  • Nrupesh Modi
    Nrupesh Modi


  • Daisy Cole
    Daisy Cole

    Yeah so if nats no.1 why'd u kill her huh?? Why'd u kill her?? Why'd u delay her movie?? What's the reason?? Tell me cuz I fuxking missed it

    • Mr Sinister
      Mr Sinister

      Becuase her journey came to an end & Covid19

  • Kharla Rosa Matos Valette
    Kharla Rosa Matos Valette


  • kiwil sunny
    kiwil sunny


  • Carole Baskins Husband
    Carole Baskins Husband

    Lawyer She-Hulk could sentence them all.....

  • sudoreboot

    Why not Men? Are u sexist?

  • Seneca Bendich
    Seneca Bendich

    I would add a beautiful story when told indepth is that of Rogue!! an absolute force to contend with. Imagine if she absorbed the D.Pheonixs' powers {WOOAAAAHH!}

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

    • 1 1
      1 1


  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

    • 1 1
      1 1


  • Tim O
    Tim O

    Is there a Top 10 list for the males?

  • ::

    wanda & nat

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri


  • David Ojeifo
    David Ojeifo

    Just here for my girl She Hulk... can't wait to see her and Hulk

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Of course 1-Scarlet Witch 2-Black Widow 3-Captain Marvel

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos

    Boa tarde, belas heroinas fantásticas. Adorei o vídeo.

  • Ibrahim Islam
    Ibrahim Islam

    She hulk

  • Vishesh

    I think at 0:55 it should be " Goddess Of Thunder ! "

  • Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke

    I’m insulted Carol was higher than Scarlet witch and the original female Captain Marvel Monica

  • Erik Ruan
    Erik Ruan


  • Priyanka Chatterjee
    Priyanka Chatterjee

    Wanda is my favorite female Avenge

  • Nivedya Nivu
    Nivedya Nivu

    My favorite is black widow, cap marvel, thor=Jane foster, Wanda😍😍😍

  • Júlia Lopušníková
    Júlia Lopušníková

    Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Monica Rambeau

  • Isaac Redondela
    Isaac Redondela

    She-Hulk must be #1

  • Rytex Gaming
    Rytex Gaming

    What's about Daisy jhonson,

  • anosh teldhune
    anosh teldhune

    Black widow

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad

    We wish to see Enchantress in Thor's love and thunder ( as Thor's love triangle ) 🤩

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad

    After WandaVision, did not expect Captain Marvel and black widow to be in top list 😍😍❤️ Awesome list, could not agree more

  • Juinyee Pui
    Juinyee Pui

    Scarlet witch is my favourite.I replay the video over and over again.


    Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Photon, Sersi, Scarlett Witch, Wasp ohhh heck All of them

  • Wahyu Aditya
    Wahyu Aditya

    where is Jean Grey?

    • Wahyu Aditya
      Wahyu Aditya

      @Alberto Rojas oh right im mistaken, I thought this is Marvel Woman lol

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      If I'm not mistaken, Jean Grey never been an Avenger.

  • Asim Ali Kalhoro
    Asim Ali Kalhoro


  • Gomathi Sankari
    Gomathi Sankari

    Black widow is always the best female Avenger

  • Alice In HELL
    Alice In HELL

    Gamora?? Nebula??

    • 1 1
      1 1

      Nebula has never been an avenger

  • FMFvideos

    Where is Maria Hill?

  • Luis

    Super woke.

    • yolol



    Spider women

  • Devika Harish
    Devika Harish

    I am a big fan of Scarlet Witch.


    This is the list of women in upcoming AVENGERS movie.

  • O’Rey44

    If this gonna be like some sort of forced thing just to show girls power like the scene from Endgame im done with Marvel.

  • Sara Lance
    Sara Lance

    what about Gamora???

  • Drifa Snowflake
    Drifa Snowflake

    I think Wasp is the best. Ms.Marvel deserves more. Jane with Mjolnir is trash for me.

  • King Tony Stark
    King Tony Stark

    Where is pepper Potts ?

  • Marvel 101
    Marvel 101

    I like she hulk and scarlet witch❤️❤️


    Scarlett which captain Marvel MIGHTY THOR WASP

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata

    One of my most favourite and greatest Marvel Superheroines are Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp, Natasha Romanoff aka Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow, and Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. 🥴😚😚😍😍🤤🤤😘😘❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️👍👍👏👏💪👌👌

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata

    All of these Marvel Women are Strongly iconic, famous, inspirational and fan-favouritely legendary because what they does are seriously important to protect the innocent lives in dangers harming them.

  • Parv EZ
    Parv EZ

    Recast Captain Marvel...

  • CJStriker CBR
    CJStriker CBR

    Scarlet Witch is My #1! 😃❤️

  • Jonas Rios De Moraes
    Jonas Rios De Moraes

    Black Widow ♥️

  • Saloni Shivgan
    Saloni Shivgan

    Scatlett witch and black widow. Are the best.

  • Briansimon2

    Should've put *Jane Foster* instead of just *Thor* She's been Thor but also Valkyrie

    • Mocha Fratte
      Mocha Fratte

      In the MCU, she’s going to become Thor. This list is based off MCU women

  • Stopping Clout Chasers
    Stopping Clout Chasers

    "Don't try to ruin my life with lies when your life can be ruined by the truth" - Gina Carano

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns

      She’s not going to make love to you.

  • JLL Productions
    JLL Productions

    I think they forgot no one like jane foster as thor.

  • Amanda From Wisconsin
    Amanda From Wisconsin

    Whether she’s going to be a hero/heroine, villain, or something in between, her whole backstory and aesthetic plus her powers make the Scarlet Witch the coolest one I’ve seen so far.

    • Mocha Fratte
      Mocha Fratte

      I like that they’re kinda keeping her true to her comic book story. She’s definitely got the whole anti-hero, damaged-and-traumatized-but-trying-to-do-good thing going for her for years now, but it kind of works when you understand her story


    Black widow

  • Newil Anjesary
    Newil Anjesary

    All of above : BLACK WIDOW is the best.....😎

  • imkluu

    I definitely would have put Spider Woman in there.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    "A-Force" Women teamUp

  • LeggoMahLegolas

    What's the criteria? Strength? Popularity? Was it just a bunch of random darts on the board? Ms. Marvel at bottom half with Thor while She-Hulk and Carol are top half? I'm assuming this is based on popularity...

  • Chad Stratton
    Chad Stratton

    So cheap Marvel. What about Phoenix or Storm? Oh wait they don't have projects coming out.

  • DuhNearOh

    ep. 1 of my nerd podcast is here with a 2 hour discussion on the snyder cut! falcon and winter soldier coming next! feel free to check it out if youre bored enough

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher

    Also known as the 2021 Disney+ viewing schedule (thank god)

  • Elizur Vazquez
    Elizur Vazquez

    Falto “estatura”