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  • Debi Meinwieser
    Debi Meinwieser

    There is no reason to post lies about a harm reduction product and try to turn it into a horrible product when infact it is saving millions of adults lives. Youth have no business vaping but adults should not suffer for to incorrigible kids.

  • kakashibook9

    Thank you Marvel for introducing me to the vape life, I now do it all day while exclusively reading DC Comics. Your campaign worked out perfectly!

  • joco brat
    joco brat

    What the heck did I just watch? Evil eyed fog 😂 NOOOOO! Not the evil eyes fog!

  • Sethy TbEchoslave
    Sethy TbEchoslave

    this is absurd.... whoever created this short clip,its highly irrelative to vaping,and i find this desturbing cause i do vape 12 years now,i do love marvel ,and bvaping truly saved my pocket,and my health,and my self from cancer ,the nicotine ingedients in the juice,is is highly on self preference of each one,its highly safer than breathing carbon from the cigarettes,its really at a very lower percentance than a single puff from a cigarette,and beneath those facts that have been proved by official authors AND by experienced vapers,who as well happened to quit nicotine usage after some time,beneath all that ,vaping is reffered to people OVER 18/21 YO not teens AT ALL so you may wanna remove the disclaimer at the end about vaping just to be safe *LEARN BEFORE YOU JUDGE*

  • Giorgos Misyrlis
    Giorgos Misyrlis

    DC comics only!!!

  • Dimitrios Dimopoulos
    Dimitrios Dimopoulos


  • Falconn

    I've always seen Marvel as a sell-out for the last years but I never thought I'd see something like this. It's incredible how much big tobacco controls everything. This should be a comic about big tobacco, not vaping. Vaping saves lives while big tobacco destroys and controls them.

  • pbakai182

    the amount of mind-controlled children and bots liking this video is very worrying. kids, read the comments made by *adults* who have benefited greatly from vaping. I bet Marvel hasn't made an anti-drinking ad.

  • Sim

    this is absolute garbage in every way possible. Tobacco free 7 years now :)

  • Adam Bates
    Adam Bates

    After seeing this I don't think I can class myself as a marvel fan anymore 🤦

  • Apathy Miller
    Apathy Miller

    Vaping is sooooooo much safer than smoking!! When you demonize Vaping like this, you are preventing people from switching from smoking which kills millions of people a year around the world to a much much much less harmful vaping product! Shame on you marvel for not even trying to find out about vaping! Just jumping on the "vaping is bad" band wagon even though theres over a decades worth of hundreds of studies showing that vaping is anywhere between 95 to 98% less harmful. Our state and federal governments are wanting to ban vaping because they receive billions of dollars each year from big tobacco in the form of sin taxes and the master settlement agreement! Our governments want people smoking, they want those taxes and settlement payments. Big tobacco is not vaping, they got into vaping a decade after it started because smoking rates were falling so fast and they were losing billions of dollars a year because of vaping. Big pharma/healthcare also want peope smoking, they want those hospital costs, chemo and radiation costs, they want peope buying the nicotine patch time after time after time after time because less than 5% of people who use them can actually quit with them. Big pharma wants people buying those patches & buying chantix. We have privatized healthcare in america. Yet in england and New Zealand where the have socialized healthcare, where the government pays for healthcare they promote vaping HEAVILY! Hell they even have vape shops inside hospitals, let me repeat that. Vaping is such a danger (sarcasm), that THEY HAVE SETUP VAPE SHOPS INSIDE SEVERAL HOSPITALS! Vaping has been around since at least 2007, thats over 14yrs. Not one single person in the whole wide world has died due to the effects of vaping. NOT ONE! There are literally hundreds of studies that show vaping is no more harmful than the fresh air in a moderately sized city, no more harmful than fresh air. You're more likely to see americas media bad mouthing vaping though because theyre owned by big business and they make money off of clicks. The media isnt about telling the facts anymore, they used to be but now they are all about the money just like americas court systems,policing, jails & prisons, and our state and federal governments! Unfortunately many countries follow americas lead, and stuff like this marvel does nothing but show vaping to more kids, which noone wants a kid to vape or smoke but kids are kids, theyre going to try stuff, and i would much much much prefer a kid to try vaping which has the same effects and is no more dangerous than caffeine, than for them to smoke cigarettes which kills over half of its users due to smoking related injuries and sends them to a premature grave! SHAME ON YOU MARVEL! Actually do some research on a subject of youre gonna make a whole comic about it, instead of just being bought off by the fda and putting out stuff like this which doesnt help anyone but only hurts smokers and shows vaping to more kids. If you tell kids they cant/shouldn't do something, more than likely THEYRE GONNA DO IT! My f-ing god, its 2021 and we still have ignorant people who still think prohibition on anything works. It DOES NOT! All it does is create a black market which you cannot make safe, cant control or regulate, which is whole reason all those kids got sick back in 2019 with evali. It was all from thc cartridges, not vaping! Drug dealers mainly in states where weed is illegal were adding honeycutt(vitamin e acetate) to thc resin and selling it on the black market. If cannabis were legal and it was being regulated, making sure that safe products were on the market, very few maybe none of those deaths would have occurred! AGAIN SHAME ON YOU MARVEL! Once again the greed of money blinds another company!

  • StrangeCroissant

    that's a VERY VERY VERY sad play marvel.

  • Hugh McShane
    Hugh McShane

    I've been vaping like mad for about 9 hours now and I still can't make my eyes glow green! Any help would be extremely helpful and welcome. I even dressed like a pirate and vaped while watching The Fog (original version) and STILL can't get my eyes to glow.

    • Salty Juls
      Salty Juls

      Dig your profile pic!

  • Josh N/A
    Josh N/A

    This video proves ignorance. Basically our country doesn’t care about our health at all.

  • James Tucker
    James Tucker

    This is purely disgusting and full of misinformation. I know most won't take this seriously, at least I hope not. This is still awful and ridiculous. Marvel and Disney will not be getting anymore of my money.

  • Tomer Mahdav
    Tomer Mahdav

    I think that the one who worte this is on drugs. Vaping saved my life and my family life. Vaping is much much less hurmful then smoking.

  • Adelchi Stefanelli
    Adelchi Stefanelli

    Keep on doing this rubbish and it is going to explode in your face

  • BoneFog

    Well this is a sad day. Vaping saves lives, inlcuding my own. This is the stance you are taking Marvel? Throughout the years of being both a child and an adult I always enjoyed the entertainment and inspiration you provided. As a current 40 year old who found a healthier alternative in the form of vaping, I am disheartened to see your position on a life saving means of harm reduction. Regardless of whether this was created only for the cash or based on your position on the subject, I for one will not be able to support your creative endeavors any more. If a subject matter such as this is so meaninglesss to you that you are not willing to look at the science for the sake of a nice paycheck then you are no better than the villains that you have previously given us all hope to overcome.

  • Philip Vanderbiest
    Philip Vanderbiest

    Absolutly ridiculous. Marvel really.... even a 10yr old could have come up with a better story. It is so stupid people won't even watch this which is a good thing because vaping saves lives. 6 year cigarette free. Thank you, green vaping monster. You may have saved me from a painful early death.

  • Werner Pintgen
    Werner Pintgen

    Vaping is 99.5 less harmfull than smoking! Greetings from Europe!

  • Jolly Jimmy
    Jolly Jimmy

    Vaping is bad smoking is bad. Don’t vape and don’t smoke, it’s that simple. End of.

  • institut aurora
    institut aurora

    Nobody with a bit of common sence can take this seriously. FDA doesn't stop to amaze me with their stupidity. The only people who take this seriously must believe batman, superman, captain america exist in real life....

  • Nathan

    Wow vaping makes your eyes green 😂 Just say no.... where have i heard that b4 😂

  • Marwell Grimes
    Marwell Grimes

    This is complet Propaganda, Marvel and the FDA should be ashamed! They are ruining their reputation

  • GrimmGreen

    How big was the dumptruck full of money that FDA backed up to your offices, that made you put your name on THIS?!

  • MMC

    Taxpayer dollars hard at work. Keep that drug war going guys! Everything else in the past has worked so well!

  • Synergic

    Shame on you Marvel and FDA. Why you focus on vaping who is harm reduction for smokers. You should have done the opposite and focus on smoking or drinking among youth.

  • Nefarion

    This comic is trash. I was a smoker for 15 years and quit accidentally with vaping when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I'm an adult and its frankly unbelievable that my hard earned tax dollars are going to fund such blatant Reefer Madness style piece of propaganda as this. You as a studio have no knowledge if or compassion for the millions of responsible adult vapers who successfully quit smoking with the help of flavored nicotine vaping products. You and the FDA *will* regret this in the years to come, very very poor taste and timing. Our society is going one way, you two the other.

  • evelwmn

    I could not watch this without painfully examining my frontal lobe (major eye roll). Are you kidding me? I hope you choke on the dump truck full of money you were paid by FDA to create this drivel. I think the 'mind control' is that you can perpetuate the absolute mindless propaganda of the government's war on the most effective quit smoking technology that has ever existed. Vaping will save a billion lives that would otherwise be taken by cancer. Save the children, but make damned sure they are orphans in the process.

  • Danette

    I am so sorry that MARVEL has chosen to feed us this misinformation. I will no longer subscribe to this channel nor support MARVEL in anyway.

  • Derek R
    Derek R

    This type of thing never works, it hasn't worked and will never work. This type of thing is dangerous, it is painting a false picture of vaping. Shame on you marvel

  • Gnemelf

    What a sad attempt at brainwashing the children of today that harm reduction is something that should be demonized. If anything you would think the so called creators of super heros would be on the side of something that can help get people off of tobacco products. But sure show all the kids drinking and smoking in your comics and thats perfectly fine. Oh and vaping saved my life so quit lying to people disney/marvel.

  • C Black218
    C Black218

    Anyone who sees this, don't believe this shortsighted propaganda. Vaping has saved millions of lives, and if it wasn't for the corruption of the FDA and big tobacco, could save millions more. Harm reduction should never be demonised, and for Marvel to take a side on this shows they are nothing but a paid shill

  • Bec

    This is just bonkers. Villainizing effective harm reduction for profit is probably the most despicable thing I could imagine.

  • Colby White
    Colby White

    vaping saved my life.

  • 13lorikay

    Follow the money. Disney.....China....the biggest tobacco market in the world.

  • Dan Szczerba
    Dan Szczerba

    Propaganda, nothing more!!!

  • GreenThumb

    I smoked cigs from the time I was 12 till I was 18 years old. i am now 22. vaping helped me change my life for the better... I don't wake up coughing clear chunks up of god knows what from the cigs in the middle of the night. I can breathe without wheezing. it is harm reduction. This one truly is sad !

  • TheBeastGamer69

    smh, ridicluousu untrue bullshit right here without a dought like honestly!! :(

  • Amy Van Steenberg
    Amy Van Steenberg

    This is completely stupid. Stop it. Just stop it. I haven't smoked for 7 years thanks to vaping. I will never go back. You are truly a bunch of idiots. Misinformation at its finest. You are evil people.

  • avaorchid

    Wouldn't be surprised to find out that marvel is heavily invested in tobacco. Vaping is a huge threat to the tobacco industry at large with zero related deaths from nicotine only vaping. It's also a threat to the governors who get their mass settlements and then spend it in some places to grow more tobacco. Kids aren't stupid quit treating them like they are. Same as dare kids that went through the dare program were more likely to use drugs. Kids shouldn't be vaping but why are we so dedicated in the United States to killing 500,000 people every year on cigarettes when there are so many better options that we are doing everything in our power to get rid of because this country hates harm reduction more than it hates anything. Shame on you I would love to see your investment portfolio. Probably heavily invested in tobacco

  • Scott Keys
    Scott Keys

    Very disappointed with Marvel. Total lies.

  • Tayler Sommerfeld
    Tayler Sommerfeld

    Only in America will this be a thing that even happens. Vaping has saved millions of lives globally including my own. Granted no underage person should be involved or using nicotine products, but seriously? This is where we are at with it? Potential lives lost due to a ridiculous fear mongering comic. Marvel you have become part of the roadblock preventing progress that could save countless lives.

  • Barry Ranney
    Barry Ranney

    Shame on Marvel for this. I will no longer watch or read anything from you ever again. I was a fan for over 30 years but no more

  • Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews
    Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews

    Completely false and unfair to adult smokers trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Not okay Marvel not okay!

  • GreenEyed Lady
    GreenEyed Lady

    The “tar” in combustible cigarettes is a deadly killer which contributes to emphysema, chronic bronchitis, COPD and lung cancer. Nicotine is NOT the problem. Vaping nicotine is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Vaping saves lives.

  • Sylvain

    no vaping, go smoke, GG Marvel


    Oh, this is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Bloomberg money runs deep. Shameful and disgusting.

  • Steph M H
    Steph M H

    This is bologna

  • Jhon Black
    Jhon Black

    We were all SUPPOSED to die, and pay Phillip Morris for the priveledge, THAT was the plan. Vaping disrupted the plan, it disrupted the flow of bribe money to the senate floor. That's why they are trying so hard to squash it.

  • _ GaB_
    _ GaB_

    I'm sure this is all very well meaning, but then so was stalinist totalitarianism.....

  • Anthony Perry
    Anthony Perry

    Of all the things affecting our youth, this is what they choose to be concerned with? Really? Depression, suicide, drug addiction, drug overdoses, alcoholism, obesity, STD’s, teen on teen violence, teen pregnancy, lack of real world skills and experiences.....smoking actual cigarettes! This is absurdly asinine. Using children as a political tool to sell a false narrative in order to push a self serving agenda is utterly repulsive. Look up the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) and you will see exactly why they have waged war against vaping.....always follow the money

  • Sherrie Dorsey
    Sherrie Dorsey

    what a bunch of crap ... vaping is for adults and the addition of comic commentary only fuels the fire that we need to save the children. It is illegal for minors to purchase nicotine products and parents should step up to the plate and monitor their children's activities or not contribute to those that are illegal.

  • Norbert Zillatron
    Norbert Zillatron

    Tobacco Con Trolls - Mindless Con Trolls

  • cywann WWT
    cywann WWT

    So ridiculous, Vaping is safer than breathe in a big City. FDA & Marvell = cash machine.

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson

    This is nothing but garbage and propaganda. The real cost is killing people with its misinformation. Underage vaping is not the problem. Vaping cannabis is not the same as vaping. Vaping is 97% safer than smoking. Vaping is for adults trying to stop smoking. Not surprised Marvel/Disney have jumped on this...another souless company spinning lies.

  • Chris Huller
    Chris Huller

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, Marvel. Vaping is a lifesaving technology for adult smokers declared by the Royal College of Physicians to be at least 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco cigarettes. Kids who "try vaping" are the same kids that would've tried smoking. High school cigarette smoking is at the lowest it's ever been (4.6% in 2020, down from 15.8% in 2011 per the CDC). But here you are, villainizing what should be lauded as a great public health victory.

  • Dave Gustafson
    Dave Gustafson

    What a bunch of political bullshit. Attack something a little more relevant to society, like our corrupt government.

  • Michelle Hughes
    Michelle Hughes

    How completely idiotic. Vaping has saved millions of lives while smoking continues to kill 8 million people a year in the world. Your ignorance is showing!

  • EiferBrennan

    Pathetic propaganda with no substance and nothing to back up the bullshit.

  • JD4x4

    Too funny. Kids, I truly hope you're smart enough to recognize actual mind control when you see it, because this is it! Shame on you Marvel for selling out to the highest bidder.

  • Vaping Mumma
    Vaping Mumma

    I'm a massive Marvel fan but this I find quite insulting. This is full of misinformation that will end up making teens more curious. Everyone seems to want to rake in the money from this bandwagon without producing actual facts.

  • Jonathan Melchor
    Jonathan Melchor

    Get woke go broke, and to think I grew up on Marvel trading cards and comics. Meanwhile you ignore the actual science, (RCP London) cigarettes kill 480,000 a yr. Enjoy losing your asses for being woke.

  • Daytime Frank
    Daytime Frank

    Sad that you would steep so low as to lie about a life saving invention that has helped millions worldwide quit smoking. You are a disgrace! I’m sure Bloomberg paid millions to you for this garbage.

  • Mark Byrd
    Mark Byrd

    Political Propaganda is gross.

  • kieron dodds
    kieron dodds

    I guess using vaping to quit smoking, which has worked for millions so far, myself included, is... a bad thing? This is trash, pure and simple.

  • arnie s
    arnie s

    Not since Reefer Madness has misinformation been this shameless...

  • Mysteria

    guess who really wins..NCSWC

  • punk7h gaming
    punk7h gaming

    Wow marvel did you really just market to children. 480k deaths a year to cigarettes but somehow vapor products are the villain

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Why isn’t smoking the villain?

    • Salty Juls
      Salty Juls

      This 👆

  • Kara Tibbetts
    Kara Tibbetts

    Someone should sue your lying asses for this.


    This was brought to you by Mike Bloomberg ( who funny enough has a "medical" vape device that looks like a JUUL and acts like a enovap coming out soon, so wiping out the competition before the launch), Marvel who after a disappointing 2020 obviously need the money and campaign for tobacco free kids/truth initiative who are financed by (surprise surprise) Mike Bloomberg. Oh and also all the states that need you all smoking again because they can't pay back their tobacco bonds after over borrowing from their MSA payments on everything apart from tobacco control. Not forgetting the pharmaceutical companies who lost a bundle from falling sales of nrts and cancer drugs (our suffering is a big pay day for drug firms) can't literally remember the last time any of the above warned of the actual dangers of combustible tobacco. You are being lied to America by the ppl we were brought up to trust. Public health = private wealth

  • Frank - Iv3shf
    Frank - Iv3shf

    I can't believe that Marvel accepted a sponsorship from tobacco companies like the 50s or would hint that vaping is worst than smoking. Under age people, should NOT vape or smoke.. why produce something like this in the first place? Do you know what something like this does to a young one? Try to ask yourself, but you already know the answer..

  • Brian Feeney
    Brian Feeney

    Propaganda at its worst!! It’s not vapers that push vaping on minors it’s this bullshit mixed with the misinformation from government and other uneducated fools! It’s obvious to vapers you didng even do any legitimate research on the subject your just. Spewing the garbage you think the machine wants you too!

  • KoKane

    This is propaganda that's on an even worse level than the old "reefer madness" videos of the 1950's FFS!

  • Michelle Hughes
    Michelle Hughes

    You've got to be kidding me. My kids KNOW Vaping is for adults that smoke as they watched their mother almost DIE from COPD. Get a life.

  • Dart Frog Paul
    Dart Frog Paul

    Theres a reason why "The Real Cost" has its comments disabled.100% propaganda

  • Pirates Mutiny
    Pirates Mutiny

    wow can see who paid for the lies in this and to make a cartoon marvel has lost all respect

  • Dart Frog Paul
    Dart Frog Paul

    Who has seen the new commercial where teen are claiming vaping makes them agressive, depressed, confusion ect ect? They are getting paid to be idiot puppets. I guess all the foods with vg, pg or flavors need to be banned to. Smh.

  • Dart Frog Paul
    Dart Frog Paul

    More propaganda bs! Shows how ignorant the writers are. If they really truelly followed the science, they would support vaping. Sheep will always follow their flock.

  • Cruz Amatic
    Cruz Amatic

    Lol the funny thing is caffeine is more addicting than vaping. Vape juice doesn't even contain nicotine unless you asked for it just like a soda does not contain alcohol unless you asked for it. So I guess drinking is just as bad for you no matter how you break it down

  • Gregory Buell
    Gregory Buell

    Wow!! It’s amazing how much work is put into something that is less of a problem in every aspect than smoking actual tobacco products. This helps people get off the cigarettes to become more healthy. That money must be more important I guess than people’s actual health. Too bad all this effort wasn’t put into actual research.

  • Jason Payne
    Jason Payne

    Say what you want but, Fact: switching from smoking to vaping saved my life! It is atleast 95% less harmful than smoking. People need to get their facts straight instead of being mindless automatons getting spoon fed by mainstream media

  • Mathew Brogan
    Mathew Brogan

    Underage vaping has been declining for several years now. This is ridiculous. Vaping is for adults and should be encouraged for adults as a safer alternative to combustible tobacco.

  • The Beard Dream
    The Beard Dream

    People actually watch this trash? Maybe someone needs to produce one that shows how many lives vaping actually saves. Statistically speaking, vaping saves more lives by helping people quit smoking then it does harm.. I wonder who funds these videos, Philip Morris? GlaxoSmithKline? Disgusting!

  • Matt Emery
    Matt Emery

    This would be laughable if it wasn't so scientifically flawed and dangerous. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Davina Belden
    Davina Belden

    Facepalm, the BS runs deep in this... whatever you want to call it. Reminds me of "Reefer Madness" and is equally truthful. But Vaping did give me a superpower, the power to quit a very disgusting Cigarette habit I could not get rid of. Vaping for the win!

  • Lorraine Ballard
    Lorraine Ballard

    What a bunch of baloney! Nicotine, used by adults in a safe, non cigarette way, is saving lives. Not just theirs, either. There's no danger in second hand vape, so their kids are safer. This has so much misinformation that it's almost criminal. I would encourage research into the real facts and not fill our kids' heads full of this BS.

  • Josh

    I was vaping while watching this. I didn't turn into a mindless zombie. Lol this is a JOKE.

  • Matt From SMM
    Matt From SMM

    Sensationalized war on drugs style content like this doesn’t work. Decades of data show this.

    • Salty Juls
      Salty Juls

      I agree, this trash is almost as bad as the old “Reefer Madness” videos. Thanks Matt

    • kevin Verheyen
      kevin Verheyen

      I'm wondering why they never mention that vaping is 97% less harmfull than smoking. Ooh right, comics and science don't go well together! Thanks for everything you do for our community Matt!

  • ross moen
    ross moen

    Dumbest video on SVname I hope people are smart enough to realize the positives of vaping and how many lives it has saved 🖕🖕🖕 big time f u to the clowns who made this

  • Dan Marlin
    Dan Marlin

    Vaping saves lives. Framing it like this in a cartoon only helps ngo's begging for more funding (you were used Marvel). FACTS: We are at the lowest smoking rates for youth EVER in america. Youth vaping has dropped over 50% the past 2 years, Marvel chose the wrong side of the fight.

  • cameron pickering
    cameron pickering

    Worst thing I have seen in a long time marvel must be working with big tobacco to keep us all smoking cigarettes marvel dost cear about the people

  • cLoUd_ FrEaK
    cLoUd_ FrEaK

    what a load of crap, vaping saves lives mate ;)

  • Damien Wannop
    Damien Wannop

    Vaping saved my life. I was a 2 pack a day smoker til I started vaping. This video is just a scare tactic from a big name company trying to get some cash.

  • KittAnne Max
    KittAnne Max

    Vaping saves lives but breaks big tobacco.

  • Tim K
    Tim K

    The only mind control menace here. Is the government with all their b.s. lies and misinformation about vaping. Studies have proven that vaping is 95% less harmful over cigarettes. Get your facts straight marvel

  • stonecrazy3

    Of course, let's attack vaping. A product for adults that is 95% safer than cigs. A product that has helped millions of ppl quit smoking. A product that big pharma and big tobacco hate and they are pushing for govt to ban. Dumbest crap ever. Good job Marvel.

  • Craig Stone
    Craig Stone

    This is really, really bad. Shame on the creators and all who funded this project. I thought we were censoring misinformation nowadays? Oh yeah, not if it fits their narrative.

  • Leslie's Vaping
    Leslie's Vaping

    As a vapor I find this insulting. Vaping saved my life. I don't want teens vaping or smoking but zombies really.