The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - Special Look Featurette - Time
For Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, their plan might be no plan-but it’s the teamwork that makes this partnership really tick. And with the tough timekeeping duo of Citizen Super Titanium™ Armor and its patented Eco-Drive technology (so you never need a battery), you could save the world too!
Watch this special look of the Marvel Studios’ Original Series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, streaming on Disney Plus beginning Friday, March 19.
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  • Marcos JaLeel
    Marcos JaLeel

    When you finally have something to watch after a week of boring videos on SVname

  • The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright
    The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright

    What would have been an interesting show would be Bucky taking over as Cap and being too "Bucky", being too angry and violent and Sam having to reign him in. This is just boring woke nonsense nobody asked for.

  • Department of Police
    Department of Police

    Bucky is my favorite super hero in this series

  • Department of Police
    Department of Police

    Bucky is best for Captain America

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos

    Boa tarde, excelente essa série. Adorei o vídeo.

  • ore

    fruity mfs

  • Nabeel Malik
    Nabeel Malik

    It’s the end of the line....

  • Luis Alejandro Cabrera Valdés
    Luis Alejandro Cabrera Valdés

    Quiero películas

  • Philadelfia Timothy
    Philadelfia Timothy

    Spoiled Everything.

  • Winter Salas
    Winter Salas

    Falcon and Winter Soldier promotions: "We got a WandaVision situation..."

  • Adam Akmal
    Adam Akmal

    The 1st episode used a name from a TRON character, cool

  • True Believer
    True Believer

    No one is going to mention the fact that during the action scene of Falcon inside the airplane they used the Lemurian Star theme from Captain America: The Winter Soldier? It made me feel so nostalgic and excited

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

  • bobby

    Spidy, can handle captain's sheild , plss you have to give it to him. he is that guy who walk on captain's road.

  • Nathan Berg
    Nathan Berg

    Watched the first episode yesterday and it was great and can’t wait for the second episode.

  • Shoanntal Lugg
    Shoanntal Lugg

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  • Suman Das
    Suman Das


  • Sharif SAM
    Sharif SAM

    Man! Who's the music composer? Cuz he's just effin' nailed it!!!🔥

  • WildxOP Gaming
    WildxOP Gaming


  • RiTeSh PaYaKe
    RiTeSh PaYaKe

    Waiting For Spider man Trailer

  • Shoopus

    Nice Strucker ad

  • moon lay
    moon lay

    Bucky's not a villain Bucky's a victim💔🥺

  • ꧁ Avi Agarwal ꧂ シ
    ꧁ Avi Agarwal ꧂ シ


  • Mohsin Khan
    Mohsin Khan

    Plot twist : Captain America haters also hate new Captain America

    • ꧁ Avi Agarwal ꧂ シ
      ꧁ Avi Agarwal ꧂ シ


  • trap tracks
    trap tracks


  • Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022
    Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022

    someone tell me why bucky look so good with that hairstyle

  • smiley forever
    smiley forever

    *So what's the plan?* *So no plan!* I love Bucky saying that😂❤️

  • gaming with sneak
    gaming with sneak

    Pls Tony stark return

  • saida

    gosh i’m SO EXCITED

  • Büşra İsot
    Büşra İsot



    We want iron man back . We want avengers back .captain back .

  • Meta Man
    Meta Man

    First episode was solid. Loved all the intricate details within their individual arcs that grounds them and sets them up for further characters development when they team up! Also Great to see George st Pierre back as batroc! Whether it’s the UFC or the MCU, man’s always ready for a fight!


    Y'all who didn't watch better don't read the comments

  • Rishi

    Bucky To Falcon : So no plan Tony stark from heaven : He had a plan : Attack

  • Mohammad Adnan
    Mohammad Adnan

    Yo what up Marvel Entertainment

  • B A R T H O O D
    B A R T H O O D

    Me: Falcon is a movie Marvel: no we dont do that here😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Ranveer Babbal
    Ranveer Babbal

    When the next episode is realising OF THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER????

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore


  • Tonyheavens Chavez
    Tonyheavens Chavez

    Aye what’s up I’m making a new suit so can I be in the new avengers

  • Rashee Mathur
    Rashee Mathur

    I see this in my ads and i never skip them NEVER if u skip these ads ur cursed

  • enzmondo

    I thought that was the Strucker watch from WandaVision

  • Vikopik

    Im Indonesia Im wait this is

  • Naitik pal
    Naitik pal

    Please back iron man

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      In the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999), Iron Man is dead. That said, Iron Man will make an appearance in MARVEL Studios' What If...? And also, IM related MCU content, War Machine in MS' Armor Wars & MS' Ironheart.

  • bala raman
    bala raman

    Tamil dubbing super

  • Sunrise Naruto
    Sunrise Naruto

    1Ep like super 🔥

  • Stennex

    Please fix the no mask in the air. How can Falcon be moving that fast or high in the atmosphere and not wear an oxygenated mask. Even Iron Man had to wear his mask and Spiderman nearly got knocked out. Is Falcon a super being. He is using Stark tech so I guess give home a nano tech mask. You guys are Marvel.

  • Topher Barnes
    Topher Barnes

    At the end, I definitely thought that was gonna be a Strucker watch.

  • Roodtube


  • Leo Princess
    Leo Princess

    Liked it can't wait for more

  • Aashish Mahajan
    Aashish Mahajan

    Noone other than Chris Evans can be Captain America



  • cherry onTOP
    cherry onTOP

    I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy ep1 🤷

  • Ghanashyam.s GS
    Ghanashyam.s GS

    2 episode realese dàte?

    • 151Bryce


  • Subodh Chaubey
    Subodh Chaubey

    It's osm

  • Jaya Bharathi
    Jaya Bharathi

    I can't wait for next Friday

  • Ravi Ranjan
    Ravi Ranjan

    When Google and SVname know I am watching this show!

  • ______________

    marvel REALLY has to stop it with these chopped up quotes. it's distracting and stupid

  • 10 C-59 Rushi Kaldate
    10 C-59 Rushi Kaldate

    Is this series or movie

  • Samuel Zev
    Samuel Zev

    I just watched it and I have to say that it’s absolutely amazing 😆

  • Vidhu

    The fact that Bucky has to live through everything the Winter Soldier did is upsetting

  • Ryan J Mathew
    Ryan J Mathew


  • Abhiman Samual
    Abhiman Samual

    Thumbnail reminds of Captain America..

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell

    My boy buck killing his friend what a savage move

  • Moon Joe
    Moon Joe

    WandaVision made me have too high expectation to *any* series since episode 1.

  • ẞØLL


  • Rishav Dhariwal
    Rishav Dhariwal

    Flying mechanism of falcon's suit doesn't make sense

  • KHAN Gaming
    KHAN Gaming

    Make a story about how captain america spent his life In past.

    • KHAN Gaming
      KHAN Gaming

      U didn't understand wht im saying

    • cherry onTOP
      cherry onTOP

      @KHAN Gaming ohhh okay I think they made it clear they won't cuz u know cap just wants to keep his life with peggy private

    • KHAN Gaming
      KHAN Gaming

      @cherry onTOP no no i mean they make a story of captain america past how he spent his Life in past after endgame.

    • cherry onTOP
      cherry onTOP

      They did its called captain America first avenger

  • KHAN Gaming
    KHAN Gaming

    Thanks for releasing in hindi

  • Kari Havidic
    Kari Havidic

    Make another adventurous movie with a new character

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      New characters to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) films... MARVEL Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the United States of America on July 9, 2021. MS' Eternals is scheduled to be released in theaters in the USA on November 5, '21. MS' Fantastic Four US release TBA, most likely '23. EDIT: New to the MCU TV series premiering on Disney+... MS' Ms. Marvel MS' Moon Knight MS' She-Hulk MS' Ironheart

  • Lenard Regencia
    Lenard Regencia

    Sam: On your left. Buck: I’m right-handed.

  • Decembirth

    Hm, now how do they get that shield back...?

  • Vicente Wayagwag
    Vicente Wayagwag

    I’m sorry I’m confused... are they featuring while covid?

    • Wynter-Rose Hader
      Wynter-Rose Hader

      What do you mean? They filmed most of the show before the pandemic. Then production was shut down during the first lockdown. Once they got the all clear everyone cast and crew isolated together and formed a bubble so they could be in close contact and then they finished filming. While being tested multiple times a day for the last two/three weeks to finish shooting. Everyone was safe. They wasn’t allowed too have contacted with anyone who they wasn’t isolating with. And nobody cast or crew contracted the virus. There was extremely strict rules and regulations in place. Everyone was warned if they was caught breaking them, then they was out. Didn’t matter who they was. Samething they did while finishing filming Loki and WandaVision. And the same thing is happening now while they’re filming the new Thor movie. And the second Doctor Strange movie as well as SpiderMan 3. Disney and Marvel aren’t messing around. They’ve got a tight schedule to get their movies and TV shows filmed. It’s all online, they’ve even been talking about it in interviews to promote their shows.

    • cherry onTOP
      cherry onTOP


  • Glory Hymn
    Glory Hymn

    When I heard the line 'they want a world that's unified without borders', I associate their other name immediately, Globalist.

  • Lucas Espinosa
    Lucas Espinosa

    Sebastian, my crush. My hero.

  • Muhamad Rifai
    Muhamad Rifai

    Ndak bisa bahasa enggres

  • D in Colorado
    D in Colorado

    This is such a great show!

  • Norbert

    Bucky probably has major imposter syndrome every time he does something good

  • Kalina F.
    Kalina F.

    God bless everyone!

  • Kevin Marvinza
    Kevin Marvinza

    The selling game is crazy

  • BlueFeral

    T'challa got corona and died

  • Rahul kumar
    Rahul kumar

    In this Fighter zeet Sean, Similarly like The Averagers Movie. When Cap taking about plane than Ironman jamp from zeet likes Falcon

  • lexi lex
    lexi lex


  • TheManWithoutFear

    I feel like this is gonna be one of Marvel's top projects and would totally be in the line with Daredevil as one of the best superhero tv show.

    • ramdelure

      No, screw Marvel Television

    • Decembirth

      I hope so. I am a longtime fan of 'street level' heroes.

  • ProjectCambrian

    Episode 1 was Really Good, let's Hope it can keep it up. Maybe not litter the show with False Easter Eggs that will Lead On and Lead Up to Theory Disappointments like Wanadvision did. We only work with what You Give Us.

  • Lord Odysseus
    Lord Odysseus

    I just finished watching episode 1 for the 3rd time.

  • Devin joseph
    Devin joseph

    can you upload one more black widow trailer with one new scen?



    • Clement stiffa
      Clement stiffa

      How far

  • Břąņđøņ 66 Servin
    Břąņđøņ 66 Servin

    La neta el que repaso al cap no me gustó para nada pinshi cara de mandíbula aplastada.

  • BeActive Behappy
    BeActive Behappy

    Why does Anthony Mackie always look like he knows something about you?!!🤔🤔

  • pazma pazmek
    pazma pazmek

    Who loves everything of marvel? I I V

  • Bagas Perdana
    Bagas Perdana

    Can't wait for next week!

  • Logan Thooft
    Logan Thooft

    Really loved the first episode!! Can't wait to see the rest!


    just one episode is really cool especially the second episode



  • jewls cano
    jewls cano


  • FlynnTheRedhead

    Is this a temp title?

  • mildbobbysauce

    Featurette 1 - Time Featurette 2 - Space Featurette 3 - Reality Featurette 4 - Power Featurette 5 - Soul Featurette 6 - Mind

  • The Avengers Fanatic
    The Avengers Fanatic

    It's just the first episode and it's so Incredible


    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day


    Whenever you see this message, God bless you today and forever

  • TheBWoods15

    Meanwhile Star Lord has part of a plan, but not a whole plan.