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  • Vashisht Sharma
    Vashisht Sharma

    I love the background music of this one

  • max adli
    max adli

    Watch my motivational videos about avengers

  • Kyle Yang
    Kyle Yang

    The animated snowplow conversely face because china conformably excuse astride a sedate twilight. perfect, melted step-aunt

  • Adriana Sejas
    Adriana Sejas

    Guys does anybody know the song used on this spot?

  • Kamron Palmer
    Kamron Palmer

    These promos are getting out of hand at what point dude🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett


  • Dave M
    Dave M

    These guys are too serious. Goofy heroes are easier to watch.


    After Zack Snyder Justice_leage I can’t watch anything. It's epic. Masterpiece 🔥

  • _Neon - Xeon_
    _Neon - Xeon_

    Its PowerBreaker time, excited to see who will play him/her

  • M

    And the trailers keeps coming.. love it!

  • Daniel Hvii
    Daniel Hvii

    Meanwhile at WB:

  • AfterGames

    Let's face it...the first episode was only so and so

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos

    Boa tarde, um seriado maravilhoso. Adorei o vídeo.

  • Raj Gaming
    Raj Gaming

    Miss captain America..😔😔😔

  • As123

    Sam (Falcon)family is going through difficult times they had to sell their boat.

  • Mirelle Stulce
    Mirelle Stulce

    The rough flock rheologically shock because spinach temporally reply beyond a amuck good-bye. cautious, rightful addition

  • Stopping Clout Chasers
    Stopping Clout Chasers

    "Don't try to ruin my life with lies when your life can be ruined by the truth" - Gina Carano

  • Leon Breider
    Leon Breider

    Why does this only get 6 episodes when wandavision got 9? I find falcon and winter soldier way more interesting

  • pramod nexa
    pramod nexa

    Marvel: streaming only on Disney plus+! Telegram: you can't see me😁

  • Thanos


  • Comunistinha De greve
    Comunistinha De greve

    Why did you kill his queerness tho?

  • reno2200

    I feel like this ad would've been a million times better with *standard trailer voice man*

  • Kort

    It's okay.

  • Winter Salas
    Winter Salas

    Falcon and Winter Soldier promotions: "We got a WandaVision situation..."

  • Georgina Smith
    Georgina Smith

    I just want to give Bucky a hug 🥺

  • Adam Akmal
    Adam Akmal

    The 1st episode had a character named a after a TRON character, cool

  • disaray

    I thought this was a movie when I was about to watch it........

  • True Believer
    True Believer

    I can't wait for Sharon Carter and Zemo to finally make their long awaited returns. I'm so interested to see where this awesome series will take them next

  • True Believer
    True Believer

    I hope we'll see more of Batroc in the upcoming episodes. He's too much of a badass to only appear in the pilot.

  • True Believer
    True Believer

    Falcon: We need new heroes. Zemo: New heroes!? Did you listened to a word I said?

  • Lisa Mortini
    Lisa Mortini

    Bucky smiles, the internet explodes.

  • bob ramo
    bob ramo

    well its not only disney plus, its also on gomovies :)

    • 151Bryce

      i use flixtor personally

  • egg man
    egg man

    I like the idea of putting Zemo in it, not saying it was in this trailer but just because of the new marvel legends episode

  • George Tudor
    George Tudor

    Eh, it was alright??

  • Tom *
    Tom *

    i was suprised by how many people falcon killed within 10 minutes of it starting dude is a villain

  • Lucas. No respondo a ineptos.
    Lucas. No respondo a ineptos.

    Marvel deja de cagar todooo... Sos un fracasó Disney.

  • Nitesh Dotasara
    Nitesh Dotasara

    Only one episode is available on Disney hotstar don't do that we can't wait for days to watch next episode

  • Sam- YALL
    Sam- YALL


  • Joanne Cat
    Joanne Cat

    WOW Sam looks like he's gonna join the presidential election

  • Piper Mays
    Piper Mays

    *Only 6?*

  • Arcot Mohammed Rushaan
    Arcot Mohammed Rushaan

    When Bucky's old days were shown I thought " Oh not again, please " but then it came to be a nightmare!

  • ajay meena
    ajay meena


  • Philip Griffin
    Philip Griffin

    An unsual couple

  • A Toaster
    A Toaster

    The only power I have is the belief that we can do better. Also I have a jet powered wing suit.

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

  • Good Hii
    Good Hii

    Good 👍👍👍

  • Hans

    Nooo why it’s only has 6 episodes

  • Baem Baem
    Baem Baem


  • thequietboi

    So Peter Parker gave the stark glasses to someone Because he taught he wasn't worthy and now Sam He did the same Hmmmm

  • lasarith2

    If Falcon couldn’t get a lone from the bank , that means they couldn’t cut the check.

  • ŘÃM

    At 0:20 we hope it's not Captain America aka Steve Rogers

  • subhaan sangram
    subhaan sangram

    any snyder cut fans?

  • Jaeden Francis
    Jaeden Francis

    No 6 episodes

  • Gabe Ortizz
    Gabe Ortizz

    I love you all 3000 Pls be here tomorrow I promise I will

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller

    I saw it. It was good.

  • Gabe Ortizz
    Gabe Ortizz

    Idk nobody’s gonna read this anyway but I miss the avengers There’s know one to avenge us from Corona I’m trying to do my best and start over We really miss u guys We really miss seeing things end well bc when the screen goes black And reality is present I’d give my kidney away if it would make this all stop

  • K1NG

    I hope we see more of Tunisia or generally North Africa in the MCU and I think we'll definitely see Egypt in Moon Knight

  • Imran Bao
    Imran Bao

    Please add max steel in marvel

  • Akshay NM
    Akshay NM

    Pever🔥 അല്ലെ

  • James Warner
    James Warner

    God, that voice over is intolerable

  • a nus
    a nus

    when does the second episode come out?

  • B Simson
    B Simson

    We need captain America

  • Aditya Reikhan
    Aditya Reikhan

    Deadpool comedy again

  • E.

    Six episode event... Say that the only first episode aired. FFS!

  • short film
    short film

    To follow short romantic videos

  • short film
    short film


  • Joy Banik
    Joy Banik

    It's the hype that's not stopping itself from incresing❤️

  • Isaiah Melissari
    Isaiah Melissari

    Bro, I’ve already seen the movie from these trailers


    We want Chris evans

  • Engineering tutorials
    Engineering tutorials

    Time to dislike promos with no new content

  • Dave Thomson
    Dave Thomson

    The show is dope... What a time to be alive. 😂

  • hanuma vattem
    hanuma vattem

    When will the 2nd episode come out??

    • Elite G.
      Elite G.



    Gaming love ❤️

  • Yuvi Singh
    Yuvi Singh

    Hey guys! I’m about to kill myself :)

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman

    Why trailer narration come back? Is this 2000s? 😅

  • Aevoa

    Warner bros:- "We need Kong" Marvel:- "We need new heroes"

  • Aevoa

    Happy to see Batroc back in MCU after The Winter Soldier I mean his action skills were too OP..

  • Aevoa

    Warner bros:- "We need Kong" Marvel:- "We need new heroes"

  • Faiz Patel
    Faiz Patel

    Warner bros:- "We need Kong" Marvel:- "We need new heroes"

  • Aevoa

    Happy to see Batroc back in MCU after The Winter Soldier I mean his action skills were too OP..

  • Zertox Gaming
    Zertox Gaming

    Bucky Barnes just look like Lutanient Kane from lucifer web series

  • Zuned Mukhtar
    Zuned Mukhtar

    Batroc vs cap was op.... 🔥🔥♨️♨️

  • Ultra Pix
    Ultra Pix

    Sale Itna Traller dikha dikh ke ,Ek Episode stream kar rehe ho ,,Saram nahi ata kya

  • Nasih Faisal
    Nasih Faisal

    Seeing Sam struggling for money or loan makes me sed😭

  • Arumugam Mason
    Arumugam Mason

    Happy to see it but we need a better easier way to watch it for VIP on all other series of marvel 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Master Account
    Master Account

    I know it’s not true but what if Bucky killed uncle Ben but he was young so we didn’t know it was him

  • Aman Bishnoi
    Aman Bishnoi

    Anyone know when 2 episode will come

  • Naseem Shanboor
    Naseem Shanboor

    In a world where they stopped using trailer narrator, one man on a destiny to bring back the old ways

  • Grayson Stewart
    Grayson Stewart

    wait..... 6 episodes....

    • Aashuthosh Sharma
      Aashuthosh Sharma

      @Alberto Rojas you again

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas



    I really miss cap 😭💔😔

  • Alex Chan
    Alex Chan

    Bucky is so handsome

  • Krishna Chaudhary
    Krishna Chaudhary

    We want some villains movie and TV series

  • Isaac Mensah
    Isaac Mensah

    He about to take what was rightfully given to him 🥱

  • Shakeem winn
    Shakeem winn

    Banging advertisement. Got my blood pumping right now! Never really got behind Falcon as a character until now.

  • Samyak Maity
    Samyak Maity

    ngl this series is interesting

  • Purna Vemulapalli
    Purna Vemulapalli

    Lol alredy saw it

    • Aashuthosh Sharma
      Aashuthosh Sharma

      @Alberto Rojas you again

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      Good for you.

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay

    Me: It will be hard for him to live up to Steve's reputation if he doesn't have any powers. Falcon: The only power I have is that I believe we can do better. Me:........ Get this man his shield!

  • VisioN

    Steve is our only captain america💙💙

  • Spidervenom23

    Atleast he got his shield back from Fake Cap lol.

  • Vikrama Dhanvi
    Vikrama Dhanvi

    It is available in telegram also