New Mutants + Children of The Atom With Vita Ayala!
It's time for an eXciting new Marvel live, presented by Toyota Latino! "Children of the Atom" and "New Mutants" writer Vita Ayala is here with a spoiler-filled look at the newest issues.
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  • anthony Hilaire
    anthony Hilaire

    🤡= new face of Marvel

  • Rey Vazquez
    Rey Vazquez

    We're is Cannonball and Sunspot

  • Fun facts adult hamsters Sanchez
    Fun facts adult hamsters Sanchez


  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia

    How are your sales doing, Marvel?

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia

    Vita Ayala is what happens when you commission a work based on all that crap the crystal generation is obsessed with, instead of talent, knowledge and experience… pure and plain mediocrity.

  • Stockton Fiero
    Stockton Fiero

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣omgggg

  • aChosenone82


  • aChosenone82

    I wish marvel would produce Comics the way they used to 20, 30 or 40 years ago with good writers with compelling stories!!!!! This GARBAGE!!!!

  • Anna annanymous
    Anna annanymous

    wtf happened to a once great franchise?!

  • DeathLink

    Nobody wants this.

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W

    wtf is this trash.... man , you just want to ruin everything huh .

  • Fico Rick
    Fico Rick

    do they even pay attention to the comment section?!

  • peter mitchell
    peter mitchell

    At some point Marvel Comics are going to realise that we do not want ANYTHING that is woke! This stuff is total rubbish.

  • Pepe


  • max adli
    max adli

    Watch my motivational videos about avengers

  • Zaragachi Zanparo
    Zaragachi Zanparo

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why Berserk is outselling Marvel.

  • Zaragachi Zanparo
    Zaragachi Zanparo

    Can we go back to the 80s-90s when Marvel was cool?

  • Fernando Soffa
    Fernando Soffa

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha no need to worry with sueing other companies when your own company rip off your stuff right lol

  • MaestroDraven

    Did they artificially delete all the dislikes? I remember the downvotes being way higher.

  • Mr. Manfredjensenjen
    Mr. Manfredjensenjen

    Videos like this is why SVname is thinking about removing the dislike button.

  • Mr. Manfredjensenjen
    Mr. Manfredjensenjen

    Thanks Marvel! Thanks to lame characters like described in this video I’m saving a fortune not buying your comics. One character has a Tik Tok account! Are these people serious!?!? Creativity is clearly not present at Marvel. So sad, I never thought the day would come.

  • Something's wrong I can feel it
    Something's wrong I can feel it

    I feel so bad for X-Men fans right now.

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson

    There’s nothing to say that hasn’t already been said but nothing will change while you give people who actively hate your guts your money, you shouldn’t even give these people the attention, good or bad. The only thing to do is create original content with your values and put them out for the world to judge and when they come smiling with a cheque in hand to buy your work don’t accept it without an airtight creative control agreement

  • C7 PO
    C7 PO

    Holy crap, what is going on here? This is dumb. Our poor childhood characters get trashed right before our eyes.

  • james rogers
    james rogers


  • Dee Soul
    Dee Soul

    woke joke

  • Jason Meuth
    Jason Meuth

    Great value least come up with some better name's....haha this made me laugh 😂...thanks for the comedy gold!

  • Hirus

    Keep deleting them dislikes SVname. It's not going to make people think this is good content.

  • Leo's Custom Builds
    Leo's Custom Builds

    So they replicated already existing characters but made them suck... Got it!!

  • halo underground
    halo underground

    More trash its getting ridiculous

  • Will Darke
    Will Darke

    there is nothing new here

  • ayak ujak
    ayak ujak

    what's the point of rehashing new versions of the characters, if there was a proper storyline of ageing the older characters and having a proper handing of the torch would be best but we know how creatively dumb Marvel are nowadays don't we. Constantly having to keep old charcters like Peter Parker "young" rather than giving him a true story like how they did with Judge Dredd. I don't have problems with new legacy chareacters, but the way they are introduced is shallow and in true comic book fashion, DUMB!

  • JJ Su
    JJ Su

    Im just here to click dislike.

  • Prehensile Lung
    Prehensile Lung

    I feel so bad for any kids having these as their X-MEN. Just creatively bankrupt trash. 🗑🗑🗑 Do yourselves a favor and read the real X-MEN thru back issues.

  • AceMac

    Geez how pathetic, just a bunch of wack copy and paste characters. I can't wait until Disney buries marvel

  • Arnold Rivas
    Arnold Rivas

    Call me an old man or whatever (32 going on 33), but I never considered social media as a basis for distinct personalities for new and unique characters.

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams

    I’m surprised they still published this series. I thought this comic was going to go the way of the 2020 New Warriors.

  • Jun Ishii
    Jun Ishii

    How do you actually get hired and paid to write literal garbage? Hey Marvel, hire me and I’ll turn this around for you..Children of the Atom was just a nightmare by a mutant writer who creates dream worlds when he’s sleeping but they get completely and utterly annihilated once he wakes up BOOM best plot twist they never existed

  • Mr. Plague Doctor
    Mr. Plague Doctor

    Kid:”mom can we get X-Men?” Mom:”we got X-Men at home” X-Men at home:

  • Zachary Harris
    Zachary Harris

    🤔Funny how this chick can't seem to stay on a title for more than a dozen issues. Makes ya think.

  • trueHUNTER gamer
    trueHUNTER gamer

    And then now Kevin feige is gonna use these characters in the MCU, Just like iron heart, Captain marvel, ms marvel( the new one not the OG versio) and the young avengers??? And a female Thor!?!?!?! Cmon marvel!!!! Smh

  • cherryl


  • King Harry
    King Harry

    I've been out of the loop. When did marvel start selling toilet paper?

  • Tyler_ Lalonde-
    Tyler_ Lalonde-

    You're ideology is not your life, job and sure as heck should not be a comic.

  • White Male Platypus
    White Male Platypus

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • Bill The Village Idiot
    Bill The Village Idiot

    when i was young Marvel were kicking out stories like daredevil born again by frank miller , Nam by Doug Murray , and so on , what the hell is this shite , really , what the hell is going on .

  • TheRedHood

    Is this supposed to be a direct insult to Stan Lee? Cause it feels like a direct insult to Stan Lee.

  • Ψυχή μίασμα
    Ψυχή μίασμα

    "one of them has a tiktok...mutant subreddit...insta..." Is NOT good marketing, lmao. Marvel, fire your marketing execs yesterday.

  • MrBOx195

    they never learn...

  • Enslaved Gamer
    Enslaved Gamer

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

    • LexoDex

      Ok you can shut up now

  • Ryan Gillespie
    Ryan Gillespie

    There's nothing original or NEW about these at all. Cyclops-Lass? Gimmick (Gambit)? Daycrawler?? Give me a break. It's like they're not even trying. A fifth grade class could put together something more entertaining.

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man

    I am just here to leave a dislike

  • Eric Andre
    Eric Andre

    God this looks terrible, glad majority see it for what it is.

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker

    This is racist and demeaning to the OG mutants.

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker

    When I read comic books as a child, they were published before I was born and I was entirely mesmerized by quality of story and artistry. I thought this was supposed to be sci-fi. Not social media-woke propaganda reality 🗑

  • Billy Shaw
    Billy Shaw

    Why do I feel like she's lesbian or part of the LGBT community.

  • Yoshixandir

    It's funny how these characther fail. Even the people who they try to cater to (race diversity sexaulity) hate these characters for being horribly written, lazy RIP off of better characters

  • TheGerrr

    Marvel, plagiarizing yourself??????????????

  • ryan bray
    ryan bray

    One more time for the people in the back this SUCKS. For the people saying that the people that down vote these videos with all these tokenized characters are toxic I guess we're a toxic fanbase or whatever one thing tho we are is the majority! And if you all at marvel and D.C. keep changing our toys in this way we will just break these toys and move on.....

  • Stephen More
    Stephen More

    After buying your comics for over 45 years i hardly buy any new stuff from you as you put out this sort of rubbish. You are trying to sell to a fan base that does not exist & you are getting rid of your core fans.

  • ryan bray
    ryan bray

    The people that your catering 2 don't like comics what are you all doing wonder rdj. Left he sees what's coming!

  • ryan bray
    ryan bray

    Look at the ratio 🤣🤷🤦‍♂️🤮 what do you expect this is sad. Stop tokenizing all these characters nobody asked you to do this junk. There are plenty of poc. And women Characters to choose from. What this is lazy a.f. we like poc characters. Look at black panther done right what we don't like is P.O.S characters .......

  • Nejim11

    Vita is ruining Marvel.. Pathetic. Futur is Anime. I wish she had an ideal how BAD I feel she is. Woke marvel now. At least make new hero don't ruin legacy. For God sake!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Eberhart ii
    David Eberhart ii

    This is god awful; when marvel decides to get new marvel superheroes from wish type awful . .

  • Genji Masamune
    Genji Masamune

    Stop! Stop! It's already dead!

  • Sebastian Emmery Show
    Sebastian Emmery Show

    Bahahahaha... And I thought my jokes were bad..., I see Gambit Cyclops nightcrawler in these characters freaking lame as hell...

  • Dano

    Way to take a series that did a great job on addressing differences, racism, and prejudice... and just ruin it so no one actually likes this series.

  • Dano

    Tokens assemble!


    yea boys, marvel is pretty much dead to me. I'm gonna stick with manga and wait, before you jump into manga, pls don't influence the japanese to change their way to create manga with western morals, or else it would be as dead as marvel. peace.

  • E M
    E M

    What the hell did you do to the x men

  • Criss2032

    Quite boring first issue actually. And the fact that this characters powers are just copies of well know ORIGINAL characters is a turn off to get hooked. Not a great book so far.

  • Eleoda Sarafan
    Eleoda Sarafan

    Nasty...this sucks...

  • MoNoGrim 1
    MoNoGrim 1

    This is why Japanese comics are killing you guys

  • the ronin
    the ronin

    This is trash.

  • bubbaDOOM 1
    bubbaDOOM 1


  • Superstraight Pride
    Superstraight Pride

    How can you make a story about mutants, superpowered humans so bland

  • Milan Tichy
    Milan Tichy

    There were 32 000 dislikes, and now only 3,300, are you really that pathetic Marvel, SVname that you erasing what people thinks to brainwash others ?

  • BluesManSteele

    " new characters" ??? Just looks like tokenized version to some old ones to me Or they're just new people playing dress up of their favorite superheroes and somehow got their powers to

  • Stan LionHeart
    Stan LionHeart

    R.I.P Marvel

  • amazoiduchko

    This vid triggers just about EVERY ONE of my microaggressions.

  • Killianz Redz
    Killianz Redz

    Firing of Gina Carano was a horrible mistake by Disney!

  • rolanie3

    She literally mary sued herself into the story... Rey wasnt enough, was it disney? Lazy writing.

  • Rj zerocool
    Rj zerocool

    Garbage, just like the rest of the marvel current franchise

  • Psilocybinan

    Vita ayal is talentless affirmative action hire.

  • Torkmenow

    Also if anyones wondering, Go into Image comics, all the content is owned by the creators. Marvel. You have finally put the final nail in the coffin for me.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Oh man I have so many great ideas about new characters and they're destroying our beloved characters cause they want kids to buy the comics.

    • UShallKnow

      I WISH they wanted kids to buy comics, they keep going back to the same money-losing well. The problem is they want to inject their weirdo commie politics into every story and NO ONE is buying them. If they were motivated by money they would be making a lot better products, instead their motivated by ideology (because they've been captured by cultural marxists).

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Guys The only hope for marvel comics right now is Dan Slott

  • The Unjust Son
    The Unjust Son

    Rita is the example of how bad decisions are made Be it by their parents or marvel executives

  • 12onomicprotv1


  • Kirsty Buchanan
    Kirsty Buchanan

    If yer fae Scotland. The fact Gen z are called zoomers makes this vid funnier to watch.

  • Mr. Benjamin
    Mr. Benjamin

    Oh Marvel yet another company who will no longer get a time from anyone in our family until you become an American company again representing Real American values not the woke religion.


    If people ever start hoarding toilet paper again and you can't find any just use an issue of this comic instead.

  • SikhJedi

    Garrrrrrrbage.. lmao

  • sean12sean

    Good work. Way to take beloved characters and turn them into ugly, derivative tokenistic placeholders that nobody will ever care about. This garbage will be forgotten almost immediately.

  • AHumanWolverine

    True creators build the culture, they don't react to it.

  • Yves Dorval
    Yves Dorval

    Gender Swapped Self Insert Gambit, Bargain Bin Cyclops & Angel ordered from Wish... Height of creativity. No wonder you're on the border of bankruptcy

  • TheWWFMankind

    ...keep destroying the legacy of Marvel Comics. When it finally happens, just remember one thing... you did it to yourselves.

  • Jun Kurosu
    Jun Kurosu

    They're definitely cleaning up the comment section

  • Poker2hard

    What is this trash, has marvel learned from this toxic woke experiment yet.

  • Biker Bear
    Biker Bear

    This is so bad and the reason no one is buying your comics any more. 😭😢