Magik | Marvel 101
Raised in the hellish Limbo dimension, Ilyana Rasputin, AKA Magik, battles her own demons while she fights for mutantkind as a New Mutant and X-Man in this Marvel 101
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  • Miliventosillav Vasquez
    Miliventosillav Vasquez

    Bring back Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik please!!!! 🙏🙏❤️❤️😍

  • Video Beagle
    Video Beagle

    I like how one day Marvel realized "Hot blonde girl with a sword" could be a money maker after years of ignoring the character. (I don't know where this "dark magic clone" thing the video mentioned..that hasn't been mentioned once in the whole Age of X story which as she's a major character and the status of "clones" has come up several times, I think it'd be mentioned)

  • KpopNiDontStop

    Please give her a long running marvel series.

  • Juinyee Pui
    Juinyee Pui

    Hope marvel can make one 101 with agatha harkness.

  • Izoto

    If she appears again in the MCU, they should keep Anya.

  • Flit World
    Flit World

    "snowflake"? You meant the writers of this are snow flakes

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos

    Boa tarde, muito bom esse vídeo.

  • DJ Denk
    DJ Denk

    Magik is such a interesting and cool character, she deserves more love

  • gonzalo Gutierrez martinez
    gonzalo Gutierrez martinez


  • Shreyas Suryawanshi
    Shreyas Suryawanshi

    The Limbo Bimbo 😍😍

  • Saso

    Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation

    cool so Magik is coming to the MCU.

  • Mr. Mebla
    Mr. Mebla

    But Marvel You This Characters Will Fail

  • Jesse Millan
    Jesse Millan

    So the Magik that's a part of the marvel and X-Men continuity is actually a Darkchilde clone? While the real Magik is Dead?

    • Video Beagle
      Video Beagle

      That was news to me. While I missed a lot in the years since she came back to life, I've never seen one mention of this since I started reading again. I think it's wrong.

  • Tiaruh_

    Magik in Loki mayb??? Whenever u guys post updated marvel 101 vids the characters pop up in whatever upcoming media u have :)))))) pls let it be anya taylor joy


    I know Marvel wants to reboot the X-Men, but imagine having Anya Taylor-Joy and not using her again? Crazy.

  • Zernab Status
    Zernab Status

    😱😱😱😱वो खूबसूरत आँखे जो इस वक्त ये पोस्ट पढ़ रही है भगवान उन आंखों का हर सपना पूरा करे😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Dai Sakura
    Dai Sakura

    Please Give magik her own D+ show!

  • Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.
    Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.

    This was very enthralling. Thanks!

  • jwywiz*one

    We need Anya's Magik in Mcu

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford

    Great character.

  • carver Augustus
    carver Augustus

    X men empyre was great. Magik for the win

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Magik join Wanda Vision or Falcon and White Wolf by Disney Plus.

  • Buenomars

    Two, three years from now: "Hey, who else is here after Magik appeared in that Disney+ series?!"

  • Flareboxx

    I hope to see Magik in the MCU at some point. Especially since popularity for characters like her and the Scarlet Witch are at an all time high. DC is even making Zatanna and Raven movies to try to capitalize on their versions of these characters. Obviously Magik was in New Mutants, but it's unlikely that will be canon in the MCU.

    • Flareboxx

      @K D I'm sure they'll find some way to bring Mutants into the MCU, but Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver also started out as mutants, and they made it.

    • K D
      K D

      Unless the x-gene is confirmed to exist in the MCU, I don’t expect to see Magik.

  • Sayed Hassan
    Sayed Hassan

    anyone know her from marvel contest of champions?

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

    • Starwars jonne
      Starwars jonne

      Pathetic crying over marvels own channel

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8

    Crazy 👍

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher

    Who cares ?? Lol

  • Paul Moon sun
    Paul Moon sun

    Moon moon shining moon moon and sun shining

  • Because Of You Fahri
    Because Of You Fahri

    Nah! Naisss

  • hiway7

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • Ángel suastegui ventura
    Ángel suastegui ventura

    El comentario en español que buscabas 🤓👌

  • Circuit Board
    Circuit Board

    If you ever somehow get the New Mutants off the ground in the MCU, Magik would be a sick character for her own series. Get a Russian actress and explore the battle with her own demons and this would be a dark Wandavision of sorts. With all evil and people teetering on the edge, Im sure it would be well received if done properly

    • The Best Name In The World
      The Best Name In The World

      Yes, and include an alternate elder version of Storm to teach her how to use her magic.

  • Leroy Furious
    Leroy Furious

    Anya Taylor Joy did her thing.

  • LF Drumming
    LF Drumming

    Disney Plus shows based on Mutants please.

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez


  • KaEn Otsuka
    KaEn Otsuka

    bring ANYA TAYLOR JOY as Magik to MCU

  • Vanesa rochelly Gutierrez castillo
    Vanesa rochelly Gutierrez castillo


  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    NEW AVENGERS IN MCU (Infinity Saga) #1 X Men #2 The Defenders #3 The Inhumans #4 She Hulk #5 Red Hulk #6 A Bomb #7 Shaar #8 Devil Dinosaur #9 Deadpool #11 Agent Venom #12 patrioteer Spider men in Spider verse in MCU Infinity Saga #1 Spider miles #2 Spider gwen #3 Spider girl #4 Spider woman #5 Spiderman Unlimited #6 Spiderman 2099 #7 Spider Ham #8 Spiderman Noir #9 Blood Spider #10 Spider Octopus #11 Penny Parker and Spider #12 Spider Knight #13 Scarlet Spider #14 Spider Armor #15 Spider Punk #16 six armed Spiderman #17 Spider Bot Spiderman's Villains will be in MCU (Infinity Saga) #1 Green Goblin #2 Doctor Octopus #3 The Lizard #4 Rhino #5 Sandman #6 Vemon #7 Kraven The Hunter #8 Electro #9 Hobgoblin #10 Scorpion #11 Carnage #12 The Beetle The Shocker will returns

  • Kazuma Anderson
    Kazuma Anderson

    Will Wolverine be on the Hawk and Winter Soldier series?

  • Mike Gao
    Mike Gao

    Kinda want a X 23 and Magik duo show

  • Gamma

    I feel the Guardian of Galaxy Holiday special film is very strange so my advice is that you have to replace it and make a new one namely a solo film for the superhero Luna Snow so that my support is granted with a like👍👍👍👍👍



  • Deranged Crouton
    Deranged Crouton

    So basically marvels she-ra

  • Devonbolster

    So the only version of the character i know isnt even the actual person


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    • Wat IsDit
      Wat IsDit

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  • Malik Muhammad
    Malik Muhammad

    Awesome 👍

  • Prabhat Raj Pathak
    Prabhat Raj Pathak

    MCU will have a future female lead character.

  • NOStop game
    NOStop game

    MarVEL ❤❤

  • RedLogic

    Magik sounds like a f***ing meme Am I wrong ?

  • H H
    H H

    Anya Taylor joy was the best casting for Magik she is the only one who save the new mutants movie

    • ItS Just Me ghorl
      ItS Just Me ghorl

      fox sucks why they even do movies based on the fact that marvel entertaient should be making we can't even connect the xmen "world" and introduce more characters

    • H H
      H H

      @Jaya Bharathi Yes bro it should be released in before 3 years just 6 months before release

    • H H
      H H

      @Jaya Bharathi lol

    • Ben John
      Ben John

      @Jaya Bharathi Yes

    • Jaya Bharathi
      Jaya Bharathi

      Wait.. there is a movie called new mutants?


    Disclaimer : marvel teaser to introduce Majik in Dr strange 2


      @H H no i dont know . But first did this with shang chi before its movie announcement, then marvel made on jimmy woo , white vision before wandavision . therefore I am thinking this

    • H H
      H H

      Is it true that magik gonna be in ds 2

  • Nitin singh
    Nitin singh

    I watched 1st episode of falcon and The winter soldier, it's good enough, but is the series will also involved in movie ??

  • Apon Ahmed Utsa
    Apon Ahmed Utsa

    What's your game, Marvel? Showing us this all on a sudden.

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns

      Eh, likely just a random thing.

  • Gabriel is Tall
    Gabriel is Tall

    A year or later Marvel will announce Magik arrival in MCU. Just like how they posted Monica Rambeau’s story 2 years ago and now she debuted on Wandavision.

    • Jeremiah Plazo
      Jeremiah Plazo

      Yess im excited, i wish they don't recast anya taylor if she does show up in the mcu

  • Gowshik Cena
    Gowshik Cena

    After 3 or 4 years she will come tO MCU I hope

  • Lily Siandaza
    Lily Siandaza

    One of my fav xmen affiliated characters

  • True Believer
    True Believer

    I would have loved to see Anya-Taylor Joy reprise her role as Magik in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness. She's a sorceress after all. Can you imagine her alongside Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch!? PERFECTION

    • True Believer
      True Believer

      @justin dixon Ikr! Hopefully Marvel Studios will see that she's such an amazing actress, she's literally perfect for the role and they'll ask her to come back after all they did the same for Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, etc

    • justin dixon
      justin dixon

      I was mad Anya Taylor joy was playing magic just because I knew they’d probably recast her in the future when the X-men come she’s such a good person for the role

  • Thanos

    Get the new mutants girl to play Magik again

  • Reva

    Yo this ain't cool you'll be hearing about this from my lawyers. Magik is a word that I've invented and I don't appreciate this behaviour.

  • Noor Mohamed
    Noor Mohamed

    Is she a mutant or... A sorceress? 🤔

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns

      Both. Her mutant power is teleportation. But she is also a skilled sorceress, powerful enough to be Sorcerer Supreme of one of the Limbo dimensions.

    • 151Bryce


    • Marvelous


  • Elibbb1111

    She need to be in loki tv show

  • Nethum Senuka Senanayake
    Nethum Senuka Senanayake

    Super video ☺️


    Deberian subtitularlas al español para los que hablamos español suscriptor y me gustaria ver estos videos subtitulados.

  • Sandeep Mark Jones
    Sandeep Mark Jones

    It's my 18th birthday in an hour, One of my wishes would be to be casted In one of the best marvel movies being released in the future. I'll try my best getting there:)

    • MK XVI
      MK XVI

      Happy 18th birthday 🍰🎂.

  • trex advent
    trex advent

    Can you do a Marvel 101 video for Dark hawk and the Squadron Supreme?

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas


  • adil giveaway
    adil giveaway

    Marvle movies mare jannn hay... 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Pradeep N
    Pradeep N

    I would love if they brought back tl dr

  • trex advent
    trex advent

    Is Magik similar to Doctor Strange and Clea?

    • Peter Lane
      Peter Lane

      Mutant as well as being a sorcerous. She has been the Sorcerer Supreme in other dimensions.

  • Kevin Machado
    Kevin Machado

    If magik comes to the MCU I'm gonna be so happy

    • Kevin Machado
      Kevin Machado

      @Torpedo _Donut well, we're finally seeing them allowing the scarlet witch to let her power go wild a little, so i have some hope. Honestly magik's depiction is new mutants was pretty cool

    • Torpedo _Donut
      Torpedo _Donut

      u prob wont cuz theyd nerf her like they do to all characters

  • trex advent
    trex advent

    Does this mean that you're going to Marvel 101 videos for the New Mutants like Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Cannonball and Mirage?

  • Alok Kumar Singh
    Alok Kumar Singh

    Wow 👍👍👍👍

  • DITB01

    lol my brother was called Magi[c] 8 in the past, he will love this character for sure!

  • Shizi K
    Shizi K

    wow i never even knew about this character The MCU IS HUGE

    • Shizi K
      Shizi K

      @Thanos oh yeah i meant marvel universe right i forgot that there was a difference between the two

    • Thanos

      Not mcu, marvel universe

  • Zennie


  • 3E Adi Nayyar
    3E Adi Nayyar

    Why was she soo bad in new mutants

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns

      Because it was made by people who didn’t care.

  • trex advent
    trex advent

    Do you think that the live action New Mutants movie did a good job in portraying Magik and do you think we will see her making her MCU debut as an apprentice for Doctor Strange?

    • Peter Lane
      Peter Lane

      Not a fan of the way they made her racist. She's snarky and mischievous, but not someone who would race bait.

    • justin dixon
      justin dixon

      My two complaint about the movie magik is they changed the limbo and made her a little bit to mean with those racist comments she never been offensive to anyone rude sure and when she comes to the mcu I hope it’s based on the uncanny X-men where she time travels to train with doctor strange

  • David Tello
    David Tello

    Joe Russo is The Watcher because he has appeared in Captain America 2 and 3 and also in Infinity War and End Game


    What are they trying to do

  • FunStuff

    Las empanadas.

  • RadhaRaman Dwivedi
    RadhaRaman Dwivedi

    I just wanna know when iron man will be back

  • trex advent
    trex advent

    What do you think is and the most powerful thing about Magik from the comics?

    • justin dixon
      justin dixon

      Her complete control over limbo if you fight her there you may as well get ur grave ready

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright

    I see Magik, I clik.

  • One Wish YT
    One Wish YT

    It's weird how most of us living on earth will never meet or acknowledge each other's existence. For example,if u are reading my comment,this is probably the first and last time you will ever see me.

    • Thanos


  • Roger Nixon
    Roger Nixon

    Next... Sandman | Marvel 101

  • Haya T
    Haya T

    Nobody: Me refreshing every second to see how many more likes this video gets:

    • Haya T
      Haya T

      @Adnan Sarwar yes, i know

    • Adnan Sarwar
      Adnan Sarwar

      You need to get a life mate

  • someone you may know
    someone you may know

    m a g i k

  • Ossyking

    Illyana should be in every Xmen movie/series from now on.

  • Darth Papa
    Darth Papa

    Ow wo wo it's magik ......

  • iNfamos Wordz
    iNfamos Wordz

    I thought the soul weird was made from her own soul? Audi want there a point where Kitty Pryde had it in her possession?

    • Video Beagle
      Video Beagle

      Yeah.. When Illyana died, the Soul Sword went to Kitty, then Amanda Sefton (Nightcrawler's witch girlfriend) then back to Illyana.

  • Yusuf Sakmuk
    Yusuf Sakmuk


  • Billionaire Toot
    Billionaire Toot

    Whoever’s reading this, GOD has a plan, trust the process 🪴🌳

    • 你好-神手Pi


  • Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
    Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

    Wow I Love Supernatural Heroes like this One, the Another Person is Dr. Strange!!! 🤓🧐😎

    • Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
      Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

      @justin dixon That's Impressive, Dr. Strange has Limited Human Physics but the Mutant is Different, They have Strong Body & Mental Combine with Magic!!! Adacadabra 👻👻👻

    • justin dixon
      justin dixon

      I always liked how her mutant power blends into her magic it’s so cool

  • Luca Nemeskéri
    Luca Nemeskéri

    Magik is my all-time favorite Marvel characters. It's so strange to me that she hasn't got an ongoing series. Imagine the potential!

    • Luca Nemeskéri
      Luca Nemeskéri

      @Kez Obviously. What I meant the two has nothing to do what the other is doing. The MCU isn't shaping what comics are getting published what you implied.

    • Kez

      @Luca Nemeskéri is this a joke? MCU is based on Marvel comics

    • Terry Griffin
      Terry Griffin

      @Luca Nemeskéri I think he means introducing MCU Xmen will boost Xmen book sales, just how they did Avengers books.

    • Nando Ginkaku
      Nando Ginkaku

      @Luca Nemeskéri oh hellyeah. Her what if as sorceress Supreme was awesome and I wouldn't mind her exploring magic as well, but hey. Idk. Maybe they don't want her eclipsing Stephen in that department. Especially with strange academy and all going on and they probably want it to have a good run

    • Nando Ginkaku
      Nando Ginkaku

      @Greatest Ever I know they still sell good. That's why I said they don't sell like they used to. Not they don't sell at all. And of course rn they're good. Hickman is doing an amazing job leading at the helm of stories for x booka

  • Mio Högnabba
    Mio Högnabba

    Yay I’m finally 52nd on marvel yesss

  • Ari Rachman
    Ari Rachman


  • MiD Knight
    MiD Knight