Iconic Marvel Moments From the MCU! | Phases 1-3
Watch through the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe scenes as they are seen in both the movies and comics!
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  • Juan Carlos Tavarez
    Juan Carlos Tavarez


  • Amogh Verma
    Amogh Verma

    If I would have read all those comics before watching films, I would have enjoyed it 3000 times! But I still love films and now I am looking at those comics👍🏼

  • Francis Alipio
    Francis Alipio

    Feel bad for the ants!

  • ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია
    ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია

    Mcu would be hole another level if silver surfer would be in marvel movies

  • Angga Himawan
    Angga Himawan

    Adegan yang bikin merinding 😱

  • 노형우

    I love Ironman 3000

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev

    No Wanda or Spiderman?

  • Азизхан Ержанов
    Азизхан Ержанов

    also spider man homecoming and far from home has comics original story

  • DevonMC

    If I read the comics I'd probably be bonkers over these references

  • nothing

    The only difference in civil war is comics cap killed tony.

    • nothing

      @LuckyShot yeah, in the comics, cap killed Tony. He got guilty that he killed his own friend that he decided to go to other timelines to stop the same event to happen. Before doing that, he took some of starks tech and became the civil warrior

    • LuckyShot


  • Jeremiah Daniel Demecillo
    Jeremiah Daniel Demecillo

    It's like these comics were made for the movies.

  • Darren Wendroff
    Darren Wendroff

    Pretty cool, but they forgot the most famous tie into the comic books. When Captain America says avengers assemble. I can't believe they didn't include that.

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy1

    I remember not being interested in any of these heroes. I only liked Spider-Man and his friends Firestar and Ice-Man, X-Men and Blade, none of whom were in the MCU. How much that has changed since I saw Winter Soldier?! Awesome stuff

  • Nameless_Playz

    Hulk vs hulkbuster was so epic

  • Brandon Bombeo
    Brandon Bombeo

    This Is Why Marvel Is Better Than Dc

    • yolol

      ..umm ok


    The stuff that makes me feel like a kid again. Seriously. Thank you.

  • clueless

    why are marvel praising its own work

  • dilraja shaikh
    dilraja shaikh

    Please iron man 4 release date. 😊

  • Hisham nct
    Hisham nct

    You Gotta Be Kidding Me, No The Incredible Hulk ( 2008 )

    • ramdelure

      Also Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Far From Home

  • Sara Martinez
    Sara Martinez

    2:46 even this scene in T:TDW was cringy in my opinion.

  • Garrett Podratz
    Garrett Podratz

    They forgot about the portal scene. It was in the infinity gauntlet comic. Look it up.

  • Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k

    Cosmic cube is not tesseract...


    Where DA heck is i am iron man from the endgame and the iron man

  • A. Pranay Krishna Reddy
    A. Pranay Krishna Reddy

    END game scene at the END of video

  • Eduardo Vinicius
    Eduardo Vinicius


  • Shadyfigure07

    this is awesome for my research in the marvel series

  • Ruben Espinoza
    Ruben Espinoza

    12:17 A foreshadowing of the last episode of FatWS, Sam carrying Cap’s shield.

  • Ruben Espinoza
    Ruben Espinoza

    1:24 Man, that’ll trigger some folks.

  • Ali iswadi
    Ali iswadi

    DC could never..can only dream to be this good

  • Ali iswadi
    Ali iswadi

    Adam warlock..still haven't seen him

  • Ali iswadi
    Ali iswadi

    3:25 who the hell is Bucky

  • Kai Williams
    Kai Williams

    If only the creators of these comic moments were properly compensated

  • Kushal Juglani
    Kushal Juglani

    Hey what about far from home? It was also a part of phase 3

  • Raven Sy
    Raven Sy

    To think that except for the Hulk, the entire MCU was built on the backs of B-list and C-list characters. No Fantastic 4, no Wolverine, no X-Men and Spider Man was only introduced in Civil War. 🤯

  • Muhamad Zidan
    Muhamad Zidan

    12:32 "All your Marvel favorites and More Now Streaming" Then why there is no Captain America The First Avenger ??

    • lynkx :P
      lynkx :P

      There 100% is.

  • DamTan

    I'm guessing Adam warlock will appear in GOTG 3?

  • IamATN

    They skipped when Killmonger tossed T’Challa off the waterfall

  • Regis Landere
    Regis Landere

    MCU Nailed the Adaptation, Great Story, Cinematography e.g. Camera Angles, Framing Shots, Great Fight/Action Scene Choreography, Colors, Direction, Costumes etc. Meanwhile DCEU is the worst opposite. Poor Cinematography: Overused "Super Slomo," Poor Fight/Action Scene Choreography. Bad Camera Angles. Pacing slow more on narrative, Poor Story not well directed. Colors is Muted in Snyder's Cut Close to Black and White some colors.

  • FR1M0RS3

    "I am Iron Man"

  • Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022
    Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022

    i just realize Scott called Clint "arrow guy"

  • zameer shaikh
    zameer shaikh

    Then you se marvel uploaded it officialy

  • shreyas

    5:52 this reminds me of john walker killing the man. Marvel has come a long way

  • Muhamad Fariz Ramadhan
    Muhamad Fariz Ramadhan

    Who is that 8:15? Silver surfer?

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous


  • Queridinha da Web
    Queridinha da Web

    Excellent, dear friends 😊 Wonderful moments 🤩


    Meanwhile DCEU movies all revolve around batman. 🙄

  • Yogesh Thakur
    Yogesh Thakur

    I think marvel forgot to include avengers assemble scene from the avenger movie 🤔

  • Albert Hasan
    Albert Hasan

    Did they miss “analyze his fight patterns “ in civil war?

  • lunarpark

    wow imagine if we had modok as a villain in captain marvel 😯

  • Nani 24
    Nani 24

    5:52 so that didn’t remind ya of John walker lowkey, I mean even though there’s no blood on the shield

  • Vineet Mishra
    Vineet Mishra

    Who else expected iron man's snap to be in the list 🥺

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      This is about iconic Marvel *Comics* from the MCU where they replicate scenes from the *comics* to the movies. Now while Tony did wore the Infinity Gauntlet in the 2011 Avengers run, he didn't make the snap.

  • Brahatheshwar Sekar
    Brahatheshwar Sekar

    Anyone here after cap killed his childhood fan brutally?

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous


  • Rhythm Agrawal
    Rhythm Agrawal

    Hulk SMASH Missing!!!

  • Dela Cruz FoxxBerry
    Dela Cruz FoxxBerry

    They forgot the train scene where Wanda and Quicksilver helped Cap and Black Panther's new suit Edit: Starlord's Come and Get Your Love and Yondu's killing spree on Tasserface's troops

    • Dela Cruz FoxxBerry
      Dela Cruz FoxxBerry

      @uncanny dcmarvelous oh yeah forget Wanda, Quicksilver and Starlord, but Black Panther's, and Yondu's really happened in the *Comics*

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      This is about iconic Marvel *Comics* from the MCU where they replicate scenes from the *comics* to the movies.

  • Wolverinios Wolveriniopoulos
    Wolverinios Wolveriniopoulos

    Iron man's snap?


    so many good moments... thank you Marvel!!!

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen

    And this is how Marvel overpowers DC. They are inspired by stories that pay homage to the OG source. Not some shitty "Director's" vision of what the lore and world should be.

  • Psycho Dictator
    Psycho Dictator

    Smart hulk is the worse in the entire MCU

  • Sean’s Shiny Days
    Sean’s Shiny Days

    What does the system of the iron Longer

  • revin hatol
    revin hatol

    The Incredible Hulk: "Leave me alone" in Rio

  • MysTeRio GaMMer
    MysTeRio GaMMer

    Captain america's theme song makes me feel soo good

  • Mr Jackson Barrios
    Mr Jackson Barrios


  • Laila Loz
    Laila Loz

    Am I the only one that noticed that editing flaw in the cap wields mjoulnir segment

  • Iván CA.
    Iván CA.

    10:04 I really want to see more adventures of Hank and Janet, from their past as heroes. I like the Ant Man of Scott but the one that make the majority (before the movie) live the character was Hank Pym.


    very nice

  • RPdude28 Gaming
    RPdude28 Gaming

    3:11 I freakin love the sound

  • Sj productions sj McGill
    Sj productions sj McGill

    4:04 hulk v hulkbuster

  • Retro Man
    Retro Man

    How come they skipped The Incredible Hulk?

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      Since that movie was made by Universal Studios, not Marvel Studios...

  • YO MAN
    YO MAN

    Disney+: All Your Marvel Favourites and More Now Streaming Me: My favourites are The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • michael sauro
    michael sauro

    was i the only one who just got a commercial on the snap

  • troy trap77
    troy trap77

    what about iron man snaping?

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      The title is missing something "Iconic Marvel *Comics* moments from the MCU" While Tony did wore the gauntlet in the 2010 Avengers comics he didn't make the snap.

  • Vignesh M
    Vignesh M

    Thank you for the video.


    Why Iron man reject marvel

  • Sunny MANGO
    Sunny MANGO

    Too bad they can’t add stuff from The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home despite them being 100% MCU

    • Sunny MANGO
      Sunny MANGO

      @SonicFrozen Fan2005 ❄❄❄ I know

    • SonicFrozen Fan2005 ❄❄❄
      SonicFrozen Fan2005 ❄❄❄

      They're on Universal and Sony property. It didn't allow to use in on purpose.

  • Somesh Thanvi
    Somesh Thanvi

    MCU is best ✌️

  • Suhail Alam 19DCS8046
    Suhail Alam 19DCS8046

    Where is Ironman snap scene ?

    • Leo Rodriguez Castillo
      Leo Rodriguez Castillo

      Not really referencing anything from the comics

  • asis Pal
    asis Pal

    Imagine when they upload. Same video title for phase 2

  • Juan Alonso
    Juan Alonso

    The ad is so funny the snap apear an ad

  • Susmita Roy Samadder
    Susmita Roy Samadder

    He seems to be a Captain America fan

  • Vidya Sanjeev
    Vidya Sanjeev

    Where is Spiderman ?

  • Jesus Ocotecatl
    Jesus Ocotecatl

    This is why I love comic book movies, take something from a page and adapt on screen

  • microfg4

    Meanwhile DC gets an ICONIC REEDIT... Like come on! They need to get their crap together!

  • Calf_

    10:00 I don't see ghost phasing through any walls?

  • OS Reptar
    OS Reptar

    Hulk vs Hulk buster is one of my favorite scenes. Go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep gooo toooo sleeeeeep. *im sorry*

  • Diego Bacon
    Diego Bacon

    MCU = Madagascar Cinematic Universe

  • Hisham Ahmed M K P
    Hisham Ahmed M K P

    where is spiderman

  • Kartik

    I'm done with mcu , I had watched all their movies cause of iron man , captain , thor and hulk . Now they all are gone and mcu will never be same as earlier, I have grown up seeing these heros and so they were closely attached to me and my childhood , I was a big fan of mcu ,😔😥and not anymore DO YOU AGREE WITH ME

    • yolol

      No Im not agree....I grow up reading marvel comic book....MCU movie....and I would like to see more comic character adapted in the big screen...

  • lowkey_ryy

    Um, Avengers Assemble?

  • farida gallam
    farida gallam

    Where is "I AM IRON MAN "

    • farida gallam
      farida gallam

      @Coo Chi Man okk thanks

  • Ena_Oddeye


  • Jack Lichtenstein
    Jack Lichtenstein

    I love when they adapt panels to the screen. They do it all the time on the flash, it’s great

  • The One Who Knocks
    The One Who Knocks

    So what's up with this Adam guy?

    • Shijio Hirojima
      Shijio Hirojima

      We were supposed to see him in Infinity War but they never introduced him in the MCU he was supposed to be a major role I guess they want to save him for later.

  • Kumkum Physics
    Kumkum Physics

    Tony stark is rank 1 .....

  • Purnima Jyotsna
    Purnima Jyotsna

    Where the heck is the "I am iron man"

    • Purnima Jyotsna
      Purnima Jyotsna

      @Shijio Hirojima true tho

    • Shijio Hirojima
      Shijio Hirojima

      MCU original never was in the comics

  • Gellobee

    We have yet to get these type of payoffs with the crappy DCEU lol

    • Shijio Hirojima
      Shijio Hirojima

      But the thing with DC is they can make anything whether its animated or live action and it will always make sense to the reality, they can even reboot an unlimited amount of times and nothing will be off because there are an infinite amount of universes. I wouldn't say the movies are crappy but there isn't as much hardwork involved or even the budget itself is not enough to adapt everything the DCEU has to offer.

  • Drawzamation

    Where the f is Spider-Man

  • Sameer MAHAJAN
    Sameer MAHAJAN

    U forgot I m iron man from first movie

  • BalaTheHero9

    Seriously, no Spider-Man scenes??

  • Rvs World
    Rvs World

    One problem was tony stark and iron man didn't reach their full potential like in marvel comics with the Stealth, invisible suit... Blasts powerful enough to take captain marvel out....

  • Onixy

    Sad that Silver Surfer couldn't be the one to say "Thanos is coming" but at least they had the line.

  • 白猫

    What? where's Spider-Man?