Continuation Featurette | Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney+
Go beyond the legacy of the shield and check out this brand new featurette from Marvel Studios' "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" ⭐ Episode One is now streaming on Disney+.
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  • Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)

  • Suryakanta Pattanaik
    Suryakanta Pattanaik

    1:12 to 1:20 ....this is the real reason why The Falcon and The winter Soldier series is made..... And this is the reason why new Captain America had a black friend.

  • Techy Taran
    Techy Taran

    After Steve Falcon And Winter Solider is best combination I just buy Hotstar Premium only for this series....

  • Johnny Guerrero Guerra
    Johnny Guerrero Guerra

    Universos X-Men Avengers Multiuniverso Marvel Multiverse 1944-Capitán América 1986-Howard the Duck 1989-The Punisher 1990-Capitán América 1994-Los Cuatro Fantásticos 1996-Generación X 1998-Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1998-Blade 2000-X-Men 2002-Blade II 2002-Spider-Man 2003-Daredevil 2003-X-Men 2 2003-Hulk 2004-The Punisher 2004-Spider-Man 2 2004-Blade:Trinity 2005-Man-Thing: la naturaleza del miedo 2005-Elektra 2005-Los4Fantásticos 2006-X-Men:TheLastStand 2007-Ghost Rider 2007-Los4FantásticosySilverSurfer 2007-Spider-Man 3 2008-Iron Man 2008-The Incredible Hulk 2008-El Castigador: Zona de Guerra 2009-X-MenOrigins:Wolverine 2010-Iron Man 2 2011-Thor 2011-X-Men: Primera Generación 2011-Capitán América: El Primer Vengador 2011-Ghost Rider: Espíritu de Venganza 2012-The Avengers 2012-The Amazing Spider-Man 2013-Iron Man 3 2013-The Wolverine 2013-Thor: The Dark World 2014-CaptainAmerica:TheWinterSoldier 2014-TheAmazingSpider-Man2:Rise of Electro 2014-X-Men: Días del Futuro Pasado 2014-Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 1 2015-Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015-Ant-Man 2015-4 Fantásticos 2016-Deadpool 2016-Capitán América: Civil War 2016-X-Men: Apocalipsis 2016-Doctor Strange 2017-Logan 2017-Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 2 2017-Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017-Thor: Ragnarok 2018-Black Panther 2018-Avengers: Infinity War 2018-Deadpool 2 2018-Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018-Venom 2019-Capitana Marvel 2019-Avengers: Endgame 2019-X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2019-Spider-Man: Lejos de Casa 2020-Los nuevos mutantes 2008-Iron Man 2010-Iron Man 2 2011-Thor 2011-Capitán América:El Primer Vengador 2012-The Avengers 2013-Iron Man 3 2013-Thor: The Dark World 2014-Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014-Guardianes de la Galaxia 2015-Avengers:Age of Ultron 2015-Ant-Man 2016CapitánAmérica:CivilWar 2016-DoctorStrange 2017-GuardianesdelaGalaxia Vol.2 2017SpiderMan:Homecoming 2017-Thor:Ragnarok 2018-BlackPanther 2018-Avengers:Infinity War 2018-Ant-ManandtheWasp 2019-CapitanaMarvel 2019-Avengers:Endgame 2019-Spider-Man:Lejos de Casa 2000 - X-Men 2003 - X-Men 2 2006 - X-Men 3 Batalla Final 2009 - X-Men Wolverine 2011 - X-Men PrimeraGeneración 2013 - Wolverine Inmortal 2014 - X-Men Días Futuros Pasado 2016 - DEADPOOL 2016 - X-Men Apocalipsis 2017 - Logan 2018 - DEADPOOL 2 2019 - Dark Phoenix 2020 - Los Nuevos Mutantes 2002-Spider-Man 2004-Spider-Man 2 2007-Spider-Man 3 2012-The Amazing Spider-Man 2014-TheAmazingSpider-Man2:Rise of Electro 2016-Capitán América: Civil War 2017-Spider-Man: Homecoming 2018-Avengers: Infinity War 2019-Avengers: Endgame 2019-Spider-Man: Lejos de Casa 1998-Blade 2002-Blade II 2003-Daredevil 2003-Hulk 2004-The Punisher 2004-Blade:Trinity 2005-Elektra 2005-Los4Fantásticos 2007-Ghost Rider 2007-Los4FantásticosySilverSurfer 2008-The Incredible Hulk 2008-El Castigador: Zona de Guerra 2011-Ghost Rider: Espíritu de Venganza 2015-4 Fantásticos 2018-Venom 1998-Blade 2002-Blade II 2002-Spider-Man 2003-Daredevil 2003-Hulk 2004-The Punisher 2004-Spider-Man 2 2004-Blade:Trinity 2005-Elektra 2005-Los4Fantásticos 2007-spiderman 3 2007-Ghost Rider 2007-Los4FantásticosySilverSurfer 2008-The Incredible Hulk 2008-El Castigador: Zona de Guerra 2011-Ghost Rider: Espíritu de Venganza 2012-The Amazing Spider-Man 2014-TheAmazingSpider-Man2 Rise of Electro 2015-4 Fantásticos 2018-Venom Saga del infinito Fase 1 Iron Man The Incredible Hulk ​Iron Man 2 Thor Capitán América: el primer vengador The Avengers Fase 2 Iron Man 3 Thor: The Dark World ​Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guardianes de la Galaxia ​Avengers: Age of Ultron Ant-Man ​Fase 3 Capitán América: Civil War Doctor Strange ​Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 2 Spider-Man: Homecoming ​Thor: Ragnarok Black Panther Avengers: Infinity War Ant-Man and the Wasp Capitana Marvel Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man: Lejos de casa Fase 4 Black Widow Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Eternals Spider-Man ​3 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Thor: Love and Thunder Black Panther Capitana Marvel 2 ​Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 3 Blade ​Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Fantastic Four Línea de tiempo 1945 Capitán América: el primer vengador 1990-1995 Capitana Marvel 2010-2010Iron Man 2011Iron Man 2 El Increíble Hulk Thor 2012Los Vengadores Iron Man 3 2013Thor: un mundo oscuro 2014Capitán América: El soldado de invierno Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 1 Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 2 2015Avengers: Age of Ultron Ant-Man 2016Capitán América: Civil War Pantera Negra Spider-Man: De regreso a casa 2016-2017Doctor Strange: Hechicero Supremo 2017Black Widow Thor: Ragnarok 2018Avengers: Infinity War Ant-Man y la Avispa 2020-2023Avengers: Endgame 2024Spider-Man: Lejos de casa 2012-The Avengers 2015-Avengers:Age of Ultron 2018-Avengers:Infinity War 2019-Avengers:Endgame 1944 - Capitán América 1990 - Capitán América 2011-Capitán América El Primer Vengador 2014 - Capitán América El Soldado De Invierno 2016-Capitán América Civil Wars 2002-Spider-Man 2004-Spider-Man 2 2007-Spider-Man 3 2012-The Amazing Spider-Man 2014-TheAmazingSpider-Man2:Rise of Electro 2017-Spider-Man: Homecoming 2019-Spider-Man: Lejos de Casa 1994-Los Cuatro Fantásticos 2005-Los4Fantásticos 2007-Los4FantásticosySilverSurfer 2015- 4 Fantásticos 2008- Iron Man 2010-Iron Man 2 2013-Iron Man 3 2011-Thor 2013-Thor: The Dark World 2017-Thor:Ragnarok 1989-The Punisher 2004-The Punisher 2008-El Castigador: Zona de Guerra 1998-Blade 2002-Blade II 2004-Blade:Trinity 2000 - X-Men 2003 - X-Men 2 2006 - X-Men 3 Batalla Final 2009 - X-Men Wolverine 2013 - Wolverine Inmortal 2017 - Logan 2011 - X-Men PrimeraGeneración 2014 - X-Men Días Futuros Pasado 2016 - X-Men Apocalipsis 2016 - DEADPOOL 2018 - DEADPOOL 2 2019 - Dark Phoenix 2020 - Los Nuevos Mutantes 2007-Ghost Rider 2011-Ghost Rider: Espíritu de Venganza 2014-Guardianes de la GalaxiaVol.1 2017-GuardianesdelaGalaxia Vol.2 2015-Ant-Man 2018-Ant-ManandtheWasp 2003-Hulk 2008-The Incredible Hulk 2003-Daredevil 2005-Elektra 2016-Doctor Strange 1986-Howard the Duck 2018-Venom 2019-Capitana Marvel 1996-Generación X 1998-Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2005-Man-Thing: la naturaleza del miedo 2018-Black Panther Futuras Películas -Black Widow -Eternals -Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings -Thor: Love and Thunder 4 -Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness 2 -Spider-Man 3 Home sweet home. No Way Home sin camino a casa -Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 --Black Panther 2 -Vemon 2 Let There Be Carnage -Morbius -Captain Marvel 2 -Ant Man The Wasp Quantumania -Blade -Fantastic Four -Deadpool 3 -Spiderman 4 -The amazing Spiderman 3 - Spider-Man Multiverse Multiuniverso

  • jagroop J.a.t.t
    jagroop J.a.t.t

    3 episode Date ?

  • Terry S.
    Terry S.

    It is a goddamned shame to see contrived moments exclusively to push a poorly thought-o social agenda. The idea that Falcon would in any fashion not be able to get a loan, advertising, or extra income like a GoFundMe is one of the stupidest things in a Marvel show. Got to make sure to hit the social virtue signals, good job.

  • egg man
    egg man

    700th comment

  • Ramya yadav
    Ramya yadav

    **Thanks for releasing this in HINDI **

  • Shivam Kumar gupta
    Shivam Kumar gupta

    If falcon didn't take back his shield i will never watch any upcoming marvel movie again 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    I love how the MCU is carrying on Stan Lee's idea of the fight for racial equality and how society is basically against that notion. Racist people on social media were pissed about Falcon becoming the new Captain America at the end of 'Endgame.' This show is exposing them and their lack of knowledge that they claim to have. We already had a Black Captain America, it was Isaiah Bradley. And the first Captain Marvel was a Black woman...Monica Rambeau! It wasn't Carol Danvers. I love how the MCU is setting things up for the racial acceptance that Stan Lee originally intended.

  • hpa2005

    What Mr. Spellman said is on point. If Sam just picked up the shield and was all "Let's go" with out really stopping and thinking about the legacy behind it that would have been a disservice to him.

  • stranGE

    So you guys think 6 episodes is long enough for us. We have not forgotten about WandaVision

  • Amelka Gocel
    Amelka Gocel


  • Pavan Adithya
    Pavan Adithya

    Just imagine if Chris Evans comes again as Caption America😘❤️

  • STNB One
    STNB One

    Awesome series

  • Saint Wachter
    Saint Wachter

    "You'll get a real sense of what this character Sam Wilson really is." Me: I thought he was a pretty cool and funny dude until someone reminded me about his origin working at the VA to help veterans back in Winter Soldier and how it doesn't fly with his portrayal and treatment of Bucky. Come on, Sam. Do better, Disney and Marvel. I get the jokes and I love the comedy but Sam is just straight up dismissive of Bucky's confession and PTSD. That doesn't connect with the guy back in his debut who immediately earned Cap's loyalty and showed some real compassion.

  • Gamma

    I feel the Guardian of Galaxy Holiday special film is very strange so my advice is that you have to replace it and make a new one namely a solo film for the superhero Luna Snow so that my support is granted with a like👍👍👍👍👍

  • Rahul s Krishna
    Rahul s Krishna

    Hulk ka bhi episode aao

  • Ken Reels
    Ken Reels

    I will say the directing has been solid. And also the writing has been hitting hard in the right places. I can't wait to see the rest and also am excited to probably rewatch the whole thing as a long movie.

  • My name here
    My name here

    Me to Falcon and Winter Soldier throughout 2nd episode: Oh, please kiss, please kiss already....😌 Am I the only one?

  • vvschampagne

    As long as Spider-Man doesn't come out to fight em they're good

  • Thor's Twisted Beard
    Thor's Twisted Beard

    Where did Steve get the shield he gave to Sam? Why is it different? The star etching is different and it has notches around it. Why?

  • Nicholas Bloom
    Nicholas Bloom

    only 6 episodes

  • J HOBI 219
    J HOBI 219

    I just feel sooooo bad for both of them

  • Arham Jain
    Arham Jain

    Plz don't change the date of the black widow more

  • Prathamesh Yadav
    Prathamesh Yadav

    "I don't trust redwing" - Bucky

  • Levi Wykes
    Levi Wykes

    My biggest complaint with this show is that they're nursing Bucky's skills and the fact that he is a super soldier.... It's because he's got his mind back doesn't mean his training has left he should have been able to handle those other Winter soldiers as he's done previously

    • Andre Powell
      Andre Powell

      agreed, but perhaps he is feeling a bit hesitant due to his mindset changing. e.g Zuko when he helps Aang - he is not able to fire bend properly until he discovers who he really is. Maybe Bucky would kickass soon like he did in CA TWS

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore

    Did Anthony Mackie say SIX episodes? I thought there were 9 lol

  • Sarg Gaudy
    Sarg Gaudy

    no more episodes with that captain of john Walker is not pleasant, focus on falcon and Bucky who have a good role that they deserve and leave racism aside is not a good idea.

    • Delboy0

      Spoken like a true white person not willing to see other people's problems. I think the touching on racism elevates the show to deeper more meaningful level. I love the show for that. I think you just have to realise more than right-wing white people watch marvel shows and people of colour like seeing real issues they have to deal being shown in mainstream. If you don't this then get a time machine like Cap and go to the 1960s or 1950s where all entertain was geared to white people only. This is 2021.

  • Vansh sharma
    Vansh sharma

    Who is missing Chris Evans, Tony Stark, Natasha in Marvel😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Girjashankar Pal
      Girjashankar Pal

      Me too

    • Digamas

      Those days are over, the end game was the end, I just hope the future isn't mediocre. I think DC have some serious competition on the cards & Marvel will have to up its game.

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💞

  • ᴍʀ ɴᴏʙᴏᴅʏ
    ᴍʀ ɴᴏʙᴏᴅʏ

    Steve Rogers : Captain America - Like❤️ John Walker : New Caption America - comment

  • Issers Supreme
    Issers Supreme

    You already know at this point that it's basically Captain America 4 (Like Armor Wars is Iron Man 4)

  • Pavan Kalyan Prince
    Pavan Kalyan Prince

    I wish Ben 10 be there in MCU😪..consider kindly😘

    • 151Bryce

      @Pavan Kalyan Prince ben 10 is warner brothers if anything it’d be apart of dc not marvel

    • Pavan Kalyan Prince
      Pavan Kalyan Prince

      @Dimension 5 Productions then u must read ur own comment, and yeah, no offense to u

    • Dimension 5 Productions
      Dimension 5 Productions

      That is, no offence to you, the singular most stupid thing I have ever read.

  • Div

    You guys see that part where there's 3 of them walking on the bridge? The one in front looks like Zemo, they're probably breaking him out and working together :o

  • Kevin Bivens
    Kevin Bivens

    Episode 1 review

  • Soul of Gamerz
    Soul of Gamerz

    We need Iron man back without RDJ The marvel and avengers are incomplete

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      Give the man a rest. And that will just ruin his ultimate sacrifice. The Marvel Universe is *way more* than just having Tony front center.

  • Dru Underwood
    Dru Underwood

    AND Bucky turns in to Squirrel from The Emperors New Groove! I'm blaming Wanda or Willow! 🤔

  • TheAce King
    TheAce King

    Just finished episode 2. Loving it and can’t wait for more

  • Lora Babalievska
    Lora Babalievska

    I normally wait until the entire show is out and then binge it....don't think that's gonna happen here, I am far too hyped!

  • Krish 1908
    Krish 1908


  • Abhijith Puthanveetil
    Abhijith Puthanveetil

    The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Bucky: Iam no longer Winter Soldier !

  • Aashish Mahajan
    Aashish Mahajan

    Imagine if falcon too joined hydra and Bucky became new nick fury 😂

  • Chinmay Sharma
    Chinmay Sharma

    subramanian swamy should be the FM of India. Pls🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • PSB Gamer
    PSB Gamer

    Where is iron man tony stark support me give like for tony stark .

  • Ace Healer
    Ace Healer

    I’m so excited to finally see Sam getting some spotlight.

  • Zoya Ali
    Zoya Ali

    The first part of Falcon and the winter soilder was really good.the thing I don't like of Falcon and the winter soilder was the new captain America

  • Gagandeep Chaudhary
    Gagandeep Chaudhary

    New captain America is not good for captain America character

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      That's the idea.

  • Biju Gopinath
    Biju Gopinath

    I will pay you 3 times more for premium can you just release it day by day why you take 1 week to release the next episode

  • karthikoggu

    Quality(CGI,Story) of this is series is same as Any other Marvel's movies. . Keep it up Marvel👏👏👏

  • Malik Tauseeq official
    Malik Tauseeq official

    Release episode 2

  • Marvelous UnBoxing
    Marvelous UnBoxing

    It’s crazy to see how this characters have such different back stories but still end up coming together

  • Aditya Gudla
    Aditya Gudla

    0:44 True MCU fans will remember this BGM from Chadwick Boseman Tribute Video !!

  • Jay MCC
    Jay MCC

    excellent! loved it!


    Episode 2 when will it releases

  • Shibō Kun
    Shibō Kun

    Aiming for being in marvel,not now,but in far future

  • Jeperson Lomosad
    Jeperson Lomosad

    I have a question. I know cap is old now, in this series does old cap dead now?

  • Hilarion Cevallos
    Hilarion Cevallos

    Episode 2, tomorow



  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson

    Good luck on your mission wierd men, just send me an electronic letter if you want any help 👍

  • Sumanth Reddy-❷❼
    Sumanth Reddy-❷❼

    What's the time

  • Luis Alicea
    Luis Alicea

    Bruh it's only 6 eps?

  • Jeremiah M
    Jeremiah M

    I love this show even just on the first episodes it’s crazy in one episode how much story they put in already.

  • Dr Cory
    Dr Cory

    Cool video

  • World of drawing
    World of drawing


  • TheGreatGamingKid

    0:54.... No... No... NOOOOOOOOO!!!! He can't be gone, he just can't... I refuse to believe it, but I think he just confirmed it...

  • Queen Jamee
    Queen Jamee

    Omg this is going to be epic!

  • nurul anis
    nurul anis

    1:00 what did he sayyyyyy

  • Asha Abraham
    Asha Abraham

    Nobody: Me: *lowkey screams the entire time I'm watching this*

  • Editor XV
    Editor XV

    I cannot wait to watch it , it sounds amazing with surround and neutral sound on my 2.1 80 w speakers and tv speakers at the same time, just wow, I'd like surround sound to meet you from somewhere on the site, and calibrated sound

  • Azan Arif
    Azan Arif

    Go beyond the legacy of the shields I like that

  • Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube
    Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    15 more hour

  • big deezle
    big deezle

    I'm so far very underwhelmed by the 1st episode, 1st episode of wandavision was way more captivating.

  • Navilus E
    Navilus E

    Bucky is trying to be good the Mcu pull him back again

  • Oliver French
    Oliver French

    hey marvel how much money did the military give you for this project ?🤨

  • hunnerdayEDT

    IDK why but I kinda teared up at knowing that with Black writers in the room they will weave a bit of the American Black experience in a superhero show. Makes me miss Netflix Luke Cage (1st 7 episodes).

  • fi0rella

    Ok but why we get only 6? Didn't WandaVision have 8? Why are you stealing two episodes, Marvel? Not to sound dramatic but I need to some answers

    • Sameer MAHAJAN
      Sameer MAHAJAN

      9 episode of wandavision

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “I’m not the only one that’s ever been bullied by this company.” - Gina Carano

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes

  • alfrinscha

    episode one was as real as it seems and i can't wait to see the rest of them. to see them grow, evolve, and where they're gonna take their legacies.

  • Gabriel Calero
    Gabriel Calero

    what the hell does being black have to do with accepting the shield?

  • RUSHxArmy 213
    RUSHxArmy 213

    Without iron man and captain America their is no marval

  • Rekt Atomic
    Rekt Atomic

    Hey, can it be longer then 30/40 mins please I would like it to be at least 60mins each. I'm really temped to re-subscribe to Disney+

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    NEW AVENGERS IN MCU (Infinity Saga) #1 X Men #2 The Defenders #3 The Inhumans #4 She Hulk #5 Red Hulk #6 A Bomb #7 Shaar #8 Devil Dinosaur #9 Deadpool #11 Agent Venom #12 patrioteer Spider men in Spider verse in MCU Infinity Saga #1 Spider miles #2 Spider gwen #3 Spider girl #4 Spider woman #5 Spiderman Unlimited #6 Spiderman 2099 #7 Spider Ham #8 Spiderman Noir #9 Blood Spider #10 Spider Octopus #11 Penny Parker and Spider #12 Spider Knight #13 Scarlet Spider #14 Spider Armor #15 Spider Punk #16 six armed Spiderman #17 Spider Bot Spiderman's Villains will be in MCU (Infinity Saga) #1 Green Goblin #2 Doctor Octopus #3 The Lizard #4 Rhino #5 Sandman #6 Vemon #7 Kraven The Hunter #8 Electro #9 Hobgoblin #10 Scorpion #11 Carnage #12 The Beetle The Shocker will returns

  • jakeman025

    Can’t wait for tonight I’m literally going to sleep now these Disney shows have ruined my sleep schedule but I love it!

  • qdrkhairum

    1:46 six episodes? seriously?

  • Captain DC
    Captain DC

    Let’s hope six episodes is all we need

  • X Fear
    X Fear

    Marvel will forever be forgotten by this generation

  • Gryphon

    Having not seen the first episode, I wonder if there will be a conversation between Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson about racism. Steve Rogers was Irish Catholic and would've felt through stories from others like his mom, if not himself, the discrimination against the Irish in the 19th and 20th centuries. Bucky's perspective hasn't been established in canon but fans view him as also Irish Catholic or Jewish. Hearing his experiences of growing up in New York, or working with the Howling Commandos next to Sam's.

  • David Rex
    David Rex

    Plot twist: redwing is actually Mephisto.

  • Aalia Karimzada
    Aalia Karimzada

    Normal people’s fears: Drowning, Heights, Death. Bucky’s fear: Mission report December 16 1991.

    • Falcon

      Or March 1998

    • Jeff


    • AniPlays Yt
      AniPlays Yt

      You forgot the notebook 😂

  • Abhishree Sengar IX-D
    Abhishree Sengar IX-D

    Just bring back captain

    • Comicbook Vaibhav
      Comicbook Vaibhav

      Ha bhai

  • gonzalo Gutierrez martinez
    gonzalo Gutierrez martinez


  • Stan 1D, Avengers and Shawmila for a better life
    Stan 1D, Avengers and Shawmila for a better life

    You know what, Marvel is recycling the same scene clips but I don't think I will ever get tired from watching them :)

  • A normal person Not an alien
    A normal person Not an alien

    It's only 6 episodes?! This is ridiculous! I want more eventhough I only watched the first ones!

  • prathi sahrudh
    prathi sahrudh

    Probably nobody of these 2 will become the next Captain and at the end someone else will come up and pick just for another spin off .... Time to see if im wrong !

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das


  • SnyFlemFilms

    Anyone know the runtime of episode 2?

    • SnyFlemFilms

      @Comicbook Vaibhav sweet. Hopefully!

    • Comicbook Vaibhav
      Comicbook Vaibhav

      Same as ep 1 , maybe !

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