Baron Zemo's Comic Origins
A title passed down from one generation to the next, Baron Zemo seeks revenge and world domination.
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  • Ras Huana
    Ras Huana

    Van hacer una serie de Barón Simo antes de hacer la serie de los tunder verdad?

  • Local Download
    Local Download

    Marvel please make ZEMO a super hero and add him in avengers in movies and Disney episode. We love zemo more then felcon

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos

    Boa Tarde, esse esta muito bom.

  • dazy chaudhary
    dazy chaudhary


  • Trishla Jain
    Trishla Jain

    Original zemo dance

    • Trishla Jain
      Trishla Jain

      I like it

  • Mr MikkyBoss007
    Mr MikkyBoss007

    Next Villain Jo Dubara Sabhi Avanger ko Ek Sath Laega

  • abrudda

    why am i watching this?

  • GamingAnimators

    Well, guess Baron Zemo is gonna get Joker'd and fall into a vat of chemicals and get his mask melted on his face

  • Uday Verma
    Uday Verma

    We want steve rogers

  • The Night Flower
    The Night Flower

    I love the energy this guy brings to his videos.

  • RaaVAN roasting
    RaaVAN roasting

    HIRE me marvel i will tell stories for free !! just wanna be part of u

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

  • Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  • Abraham 2
    Abraham 2

    Zemo in the MCU was one of the most impressive and successful villains in history. He is a normal guy with no powers, yet he broke up the Avengers and got one member permanently injured.

  • Todd barney
    Todd barney

    Mission report December 16, 1991

  • FanzyPants

    The fact htat his solo and manage to broke up the avengers I think zemo is a very well villian

  • Aᴀᴋᴀsʜ ᴅʜᴇʀᴇ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ
    Aᴀᴋᴀsʜ ᴅʜᴇʀᴇ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    I am glued to the screen and still typing

  • Sierra M
    Sierra M

    How can the first zemo eat though?

  • Andrie putra
    Andrie putra

    zemo always has hidden agenda rather than jonny walker

  • Hikigaya Hachiman
    Hikigaya Hachiman

    So zemo is marvel version of Joker/Two face?

  • MKGaming By Munish
    MKGaming By Munish

    I've never read a comic but videos on this channel have helped fill in the blanks; thanks!

  • Scrambled 59
    Scrambled 59

    How does he eat?

  • 0 0
    0 0

    So far the F/WS series had done a great job with Zemo's character, IMO.

  • Ansonchow 2016
    Ansonchow 2016

    where is the part where Zemo tear the avengers apart

  • الله What Is This الله
    الله What Is This الله

    Fiction and lies

  • MD Aman
    MD Aman

    Just Release a Episode of Zemo Dancing...

  • bella sorpes
    bella sorpes

    How are yall going to skip that loki is zemo

  • Aryan Nimawat
    Aryan Nimawat

    Please return robert downey jr

  • NiNjuTSU

    Looking at the comments , i can surely tell most of em are MCU fans not marvel fans

  • Allison Carlberg
    Allison Carlberg

    That lab scene in episode 3 had me sweating a little. Kept thinking they were gonna get back to the roots of the character.

  • Well Yeah Death
    Well Yeah Death

    "Don't try to ruin my life with lies when your life can be ruined by the truth" - Gina Carano

  • Maniac Gaming 2.0
    Maniac Gaming 2.0

    mcu zemo is nicer cuz cap is no longer the family villainy legacy

  • Ruby Korman
    Ruby Korman

    I can't believe this is on the marvel channel lol

  • Toxxic

    Hold on a minute, let me put on my geek pants.... Ok so it was heinrichs son, helmut zemo, who decided to avenge his father after his death, who which he blames cap for. Then he forms the masters of evil. Later, he forms and becomes the leader of the first incarnation of the thunderbolts, villians pretending to be heroes, until the team except him decide to become good.

    • Toxxic

      @uncanny dcmarvelous me either, but I hope now they can bring the masters of evil, the one Heinrich formed. And since agents of shield isn’t canon, I hope they bring a enchantress who is more similar to her comics counterpart

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      And eventually Helmut did turned good too, and started a relationship with Songbird, who is a jewish. No idea what's Helmut doing nowadays.

  • Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92

    And thus a new Halloween costume idea is born!

  • john doe
    john doe

    Baron Zemo is the good guy.

  • Rishabh
    Rishabh didn't mention that he's got moves too.

  • MR.C&A Video911Game
    MR.C&A Video911Game


  • purspike

    Forgot to add that he created the famous disco move, "The Zemo" with some simple fist pumping and lip biting


    Don't make me come down there zemo

  • Tony

    So basically Gorilla Glue is his weakness?

  • Isaac Hirsch
    Isaac Hirsch

    I was waiting for : this video is sponsored by marvel studios


    The thing I learnt from this video: Zemo hates glue, like a lot

  • Mikkel H
    Mikkel H

    i like these. but.. i wish they'd include a bit more. Like.. what are his resources, his abilities, his friends etc. why the purple mask? Why isn't it red, or grey?

  • Kiran Kumaar
    Kiran Kumaar

    Baron Zemo more like Baron Memo..

  • Jerry marvel
    Jerry marvel

    In few words,one of the greatest comic books villains

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    Waiting for zemo in TFATWS to dive into adhesive to become the villain the comics portrayed him as

  • Aadit Agrawal
    Aadit Agrawal

    Also, the SHADOW COUNCIL!

  • Kulas Chronicles
    Kulas Chronicles

    it makes sense that he is rich. baron means lord like a title for royalties. what could be his real name?

  • Achilles Iglesias
    Achilles Iglesias

    Where namor?

  • Lenard Regencia
    Lenard Regencia

    There's Emo Bully Maguire, Then there's Baron Zemo.

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das


  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    who is Grand- Grandfather ? ~ The house of Zemo : avengers assemble season 3 episode19

  • Sadia Tasneem
    Sadia Tasneem

    I got glued on my bed.

  • Darth Coco
    Darth Coco

    Let alone his actions, the name explains 'baron' says alot

  • Darth Coco
    Darth Coco

    That golden crown thing will come eventually, wheather in the show or in future projects.

  • Red Mask
    Red Mask

    you look like a baron zemo

  • Uday Thool
    Uday Thool

    Zemo dances for just like a second and became more lovable and acceptable than John Walker and Agatha Harkness

  • Random Chaos
    Random Chaos

    How does anyone take comics seriously?

  • Aditya Reikhan
    Aditya Reikhan

    Zemo father reallity vilain

  • Катя Тетюшкина
    Катя Тетюшкина


  • Nixxie Pixx
    Nixxie Pixx

    Thank-you thank-you for clarifying that a baron is a title of nobilty & not royalty - people keep saying that Zemo is royal cos he said his family has had royalty in it - but a baron is just an aristocratic title, not royalty itself. A+

  • Phantom Warlock
    Phantom Warlock

    The voiceovers are always cheesy af

  • Subho

    He can dance too.

  • Raj Modi
    Raj Modi


  • thick tok edit
    thick tok edit

    Imagine this being a movie🖐️😌

  • tenaciousjoe24

    Zemo dances Bully Maguire: aaaaggghhhhh!!!

  • Manthan Jadhav
    Manthan Jadhav


  • bairdduvessa

    Born Better blew my mind

  • Rajveer Raj
    Rajveer Raj

    Zemo starts to dance Bully Maguire : So I wanted to put dirt in his eyes.

  • NoneOfTheAbove

    Something, something "Dancing", something something.

  • jaenuri aray
    jaenuri aray

    zemo dances emo parker finaly

  • Labura melasak fishing mania
    Labura melasak fishing mania

    Hadir bg

  • HeroicGangster

    Zemo be looking fabulous masked and unmasked

  • Akash Arya
    Akash Arya

    Is it wrong that I trust Zemo more than Walker??😂😂

    • Darth Gamer
      Darth Gamer

      Nope! Walker is not to be trusted!

  • Royal Clash48
    Royal Clash48

    Please help me

  • Subham Paul
    Subham Paul

    Any thing can happen may be Zemo becomes good boy but not with Avengers

  • Aryan Chaudhary
    Aryan Chaudhary

    Is zeno a super soldier?

  • noobmaster69

    I bin know zemo I am a marvel fan

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Marvel x Ultraman crossover comics Marvel × Rider Force crossover .. 2023 project Heroes Reborn

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Falcon and Winter Soldier season TWO storyline with Zemo Family history

  • Zaya Moone
    Zaya Moone

    I’m so glad they changed him how they did in the MCU, it’s so much more intriguing and believable. I love him.

  • Harshit Patel
    Harshit Patel

    New Cap Can"t Replace Our Soul Chris.... 👇

  • Zernab Status
    Zernab Status

    My father is very ill, pray that he gets well soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Angelordz

    Explain the dancing Zemo

  • Suganthi davanesh
    Suganthi davanesh

    Smiling tiger fans like here 👇

  • BeastkinG GaminG
    BeastkinG GaminG

    " Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment 🏆✔✅

  • Anshuman Poddar
    Anshuman Poddar

    Whatever Zemo know how to dance .

  • Jesse Millan
    Jesse Millan

    "I have no intention of leaving my work unfinished."-Baron Zemo

  • World of drawing
    World of drawing


  • wackywankavator

    Superglued a mask to his own face. Baron Good-decision-making Mastermind, that guy.

  • Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn

    Langston should win something for best voice over. He can make even dull stuff sound compelling!

  • Tokiya Ch.
    Tokiya Ch.

    Do You Know I Am

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne


  • FX Turk
    FX Turk

    If Zemo leads the Thunderbolts into the MCU, that will be better than Thanos and also better than Guardians of the Galaxy. DO IT.

  • Wonder Comics
    Wonder Comics

    I love the fact that Baron Zemo name was passed down through generations. I liked the character before he was famous too 🤣

  • Emmanuel

    the series is disappointing

  • Penhas Michael
    Penhas Michael

    We need a 4 minute Zemo dance directors cut